Get Crypto for Visiting the Taj Mahal!

in #tajmahal11 months ago

Win 100 CHL for visiting the Taj Mahal! The Challenge is valid for the rest of the month!! All you have to do is download the Challengeeos app and join the Challenge! Users of the Challengeeos app can also win tokens by traveling to a number of other locations! Also, users can make their own challenges for other users to complete! Simply enter a location and a crypto reward! The application is free to download and all new users receive 20 CHL tokens for simply downloading! 


For Android Users:
For iOS Users: drop your Challenge username in the comment section of this post so we can send your extra CHL tokens across to you. This will enable our users to be able to send numerous challenges to friends and family.Join our Official Telegram if you have any questions:)
Visit our website for more info

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