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RE: Introducing "The Talent Boulevard" = Scotbot + Nitrous + VotingBot + TLNT tokens by The Talent Club

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Hi there, @nainaztengra. A pleasure.
We're a club that helps each of its members thanks to its delegated pool.
So, that way, we can give a daily vote that gives our members a reward that multiplies more than a x6 (after the seven days window and the curation cut) the amount that same quantity they delegated to us would have given in their accounts if they had not delegated it.
An user who delegates us 200 SP will receive in his post, daily, a 0.09$. Actually to get yourself a 0.01$ you need to be in possession of 600SP so, we're giving him after the curation cut 0.045$ wich represents more than a 600% NET return.
The same example for every of the delegations quantities we do accept.


I have done the delegation of 1000 SP.

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