🅩🅩 climate change - mass delusion in the name of science ? 🅩🅩

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If you are a honest scientist and you have acess to a dataset, you study all the data to find any useful conclusions right? If you obfuscate parts of the data and only show a misleading part of it to the audience, combined with an unscientific conclusion, then you not really a scientist. Right? No, nowadays you become an award winning climate scientist by doing so. WTF² This is a propaganda show NOT science. Science always looks at all data avaiable, and not for excuses that fit into an agenda that has nothing to do with science but with greed and profit.

Here is how it works.


This is propaganda and has nothing to do with science

Even worse and unscientific are all the misleading graphs about history of earth temperature.
They show you graphs beginning in 1880,the little ice age time, to completely distort reality and fearmonger the masses into the belief, that we are in a climate emergency. graphs starting in 1880 are misleading propaganda and have NOTHING to do with science. These brainwash attempt graphs can be easily identified and once you know what to look for, you will recognize this practice over and over and over again.

oh god we are all doomed - fearmonger science

Pure propaganda, has nothing to do with science just fearmongering.
This important graph below shows the result of decades of scientific research about earth temperature history.
the complete data from icecores and ocean sediments give us information about our last 65 Million years. Here it is.

Can you spot the temperature trend ?

Doesn´t that look like we are cooling down? We started Ice free for many millions of years, then 35 million years ago the antarctic glaciation set in,
until 2 Million years ago, for the first time in history, the northern hemisphere glaciation began.

Keep these facts in mind, when they show you scary end of times graphs starting in 1880.

Very similar is the correlation of Co2 and temperature, proposed by Al Gore over and over again also nonsense if you look at the actual science.

Scientific fact is, that the Co2 levels are decreasing for 140 million years now from 1200 ppm to critical low levels below 200 (critical for plant life) a few decades ago. Thats why greenhouse plantages buy co2 to raise co2 levels in their greenhouses to increase the fruit yield 40-200%.

scientist Freeman Dyson mathematical physicist
the bounceback of C02 levels from historic low 180ppm to 400ppm has made the planet greener and has increased the worldwide fruityield 20%

Prof. William Happer, well known scientist, c02 expert, now on Trump´s climate panel, smeared by "Greta sect" activists. Greta fans should take time to listen at the actual reality he has researched for decades.



the more you inform yourself, the more likely you will not fall for propaganda camoflaged as science.

So why?
here is why
it is a 100 trillion Dollar project. 100 Trillion Dollars, we pay more for the same goods, nothing changes, same increase in pollution no real change or energy revolution, just another strike of the bankster cartell to create value out of nothing. gretagodallgreenwash.jpg

Do you honestly believe it is a coincidence , that a girl like Greta Thunberg is shown in ALL the mainstream media over and over and over and over again.

This is a full professional propaganda machinery with one goal: printing carbon credits out of thin air.

All kind of industries will simply buy stocks of these carbon credits and raise their product prices accordingly to the extra cost for these carbon credits. Do you see the scam? printing carbon credits out of thin air. No real change other than exploding prices for you to pay.

HR2454 excerpt
And even worse HR-2454 allows even the toxic dirty stuff by simply buying carboncredits. So Triflurides emission are converted into carbon equivalent and after buying the carbcredits the company has green light to further destroy this planet. So no change, 100 Trillion created out the arse of Bill Gates, but we all have to pay for it, less money for your education, family, healthcare and other important issues on this planet.


IPCC is the second biggest delusional scam ever pulled of on this planet. The biggest is the fractional reserve money creation scam called US Dollar. backed by nothing, printed out of thin air by elite bankers, then lend to USA with interest to be paid back. But thats worth making an extra post about.

and don´t forget to look at all the information out there, not just the stuff shoved into your face by corrupt algorythms, who try to bombard your brain with mainstream bullshit.

Singing off 🅩🅩

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