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Tapmydata: Own Your Data

Tapmydata is a platform that allows you to be able to store various information safely and securely in a decentralized platform. Tapmydata's solution is to give you access to data storage and allow you to be able to get crypto through the data you provide to other parties. For example, company A wants to use your data, then you can give them access to your data and you will get a TAP token for that. Everything is easy and safe.

With a solution like this, it allows Tapmydata to be able to build a platform where every participant in it can feel safe and profitable for any data they have or provide. And organizations can rebuild trust with citizens - securely, transparently, and with Privacy by Design.

And users don't need to worry about the credibility of Tapmydata, because Tapmydata is built by a team of professionals and experts in their fields, which will provide users with technical support that is reliable, safe, and free from intervention.

Data is the New DeFi

Unlike the DeFi platform in general, Tapmydata has data. This protocol allows users to manage their own data, mint NFT's (Non-Fungible Tokens) of Blockchain Verified Consent and license this for use across the web, and get TAP tokens (ERC20) from organizations.

The application will reward you in the form of tokens for your activity, which you can use to sell or mint your own Blockchain Verified Consent artifacts (NFTs). And please note that Tapmydata does not have any access to tokens or data, so users don't have to worry about the data they store on the Tapmydata platform.

TAP Token

TAP is a token issued by the Tapmydata platform which is a native token based on ERC20 with a supply of up to 100,000,000. This token will function as rewards and payments on the Tapmydata platform. Following are the details of the TAP token;

Token Name : Tapmydata
Token Ticker : TAP
Token Type : ERC20
Initial Supply : 100,000,000
Maximum Supply : 100,000,000

In Conclusion

Data is a valuable asset in modern times, with data, people can use it for their various purposes such as campaigns, business development, etc., therefore data is an asset that is more expensive than oil and gold. Tapmydata is a secure and secure platform designed by professionals that allows you to store data and get crypto from it. TAP's decentralized protocol allows users to trade their data with other people and get tokens for it. In such a way besides you can store data safely, you can also get crypto from any data you give to other people, which is much better than not getting any profit.

Website: https://tapmydata.com/
WPP: https://docs.tapmydata.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tapmydata
Telegram: https://t.me/tapmydataofficial
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tapmydata_/

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