Spiritual Sunday #18

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This week's layout


This week's theme

Temperance Rx = going to extremes, intense reactions, upset, chaos, lack of balance, feeling or being out of control

Temperance Rx indicates considerable stress & disruption, feeling worried & anxious, being powerless. Finding that moderate path and regaining your serenity is the urgent challenge here. This card can also show a lot of inner turmoil, confusion, anger & temperamental behavior, conflicting priorities ---> incompatible loyalties & obligations. Something seriously disturbs your peace of mind.

This card can also show a time when you virtually cut yourself off from the world, go into seclusion -- and devote yourself almost exclusively to physical or psychological healing. Reversed Temperance in that case shows your profound need for realignment & composure. And the discrepancy between your minimal public life and your extreme insistence on privacy is also objectively "lacking balance."

Regardless, this theme is about finding whatever it takes to stabilize yourself again.


This week's personal issue

6 of Rods = winning, victory, achieving an important personal or public goal, reaching a significant milestone, a moment of personal glory

Whatever the problem, it's not ego issue. This is one of the most positive cards in the deck in terms of self-esteem & confidence ---> knowing who you are & being proud of it!! The 6R urges you to congratulate yourself for who you are & what you've accomplished, because in the Tarot's opinion you deserve it.


This week's emotional issue

7 of Cups = drifting, dreaming, considering many different entertainments, pastimes, creative options -- but not making any definite choices

The 7C indicates spending a lot of time in your imagination, mulling over a number of attractive opportunities, playing positive "What if ...?" games with yourself. There's not a lot of action though. It can show you've chosen to really consider your choices and "look before you leap." But it can also show laziness, wishful thinking, getting lost in a fantasy world, being paralyzed by indecision. (In extreme cases, it can show destructive behavior -- shirking responsibilities, failing to be productive, falling into escapist patterns ... even succumbing to addiction.)

There's a lot of inertia in this card -- which is one thing if you're really taking time to lay out a strategy, make sensible choices & devise a plans of action before moving forward. It's another thing though to be stuck in neutral -- constantly deciding you'll "get an early start tomorrow" ... and then sleeping until noon ... accomplishing nothing but hosting plenty of good intentions. (Given the other cards here, this is a worrisome possibility.)

At least try to be honest about the reasons you're going nowhere. Don't just rely on flimsy excuses to justify what's happening. Discretion may be the better part of valor ... sometimes. And sometimes it's a thin excuse for wasting time and achieving nothing to speak of.


This week's intellectual issue

6 of Swords Rx = agitation, indecision, fretfulness, anxiety

This card can show that you're working through a set of problems or concerns that are so intensely private, you can't share them with anyone or even discuss them openly. You may be trying to release something -- especially a set of ideas or counterproductive behaviors and attitudes -- that are holding you back with their continuing presence ... but letting go of them for some reason isn't easy.

You may need to make a significant decision or a change in your life that better accommodates and displays the person you've become. Sounds simple, all right. But somehow, it's not. Holding on to something you need to release can cause all kinds of inconvenience and trouble. And yet, actually changing your mind and engaging the world from a new perspective and with a different attitude, is sometimes remarkably hard. This experience may be a demonstration of that ... in spades. Like you needed another example.

Old ideas die hard. They are powerful structures in how we understand the world and define ourselves. Shifting into a set of new standards ... changes everything. And yet, even when it's crystal clear this would be the best option for us ... for our future ... for everything and everyone. For reasons that defy all understanding ... often, we still resist.


This week's practical issue

Ace of Pentacles Rx = wasted assets, lack of support, financial disappointments, failure to manifest positive results on the physical / material plane

This may be the real crux of the problem. The AP Rx is not just untapped potential, it shows unkept promises, opportunities wasted, resources that went down the drain ... possibly due to a lack of effort, possibly in spite of everything you could do. It can also show illness and physical weakness, aggravated by stress and hardship.

It can show you second-guessing yourself, worrying about "what you should have done," doubting yourself because of past losses and poor decisions that "cost you plenty." It can show you are on such shaky ground physically & financially, that you're afraid to make any move in any direction because one misstep spells disaster ... and you frankly can't afford that.

The AP Rx can show you're "starting over" somehow, but in a one-down position ... sadder and poorer but wiser, but wisdom doesn't buy groceries and it won't pay the rent. It can show deep introspection regarding your own values and the power of money ... which can be interesting. However, this is no place to remain for long. The need to get yourself together will only become more urgent.

So don't flay yourself with regrets. Use your new (and hard-bought) wisdom to make better decisions from where you are. Be pragmatic. Remember the past allure of false promises ... and do your best to get it right this time. Look at this not as an ending but as a new beginning. It can be that if you define it that way. Words ... and the ideas and attitudes behind them have power. Use that to your advantage.


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