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RE: July 9 2019 weekly Tarot Tuesday reading, plus a Mercury Retrograde Infographic

Hello there ♥ So I wanted to go make a random selection to comment on a #SEVEN77 Family member and your name popped in my head first. It's because you stand out to me as being a true light and support to others. All the "GIFS", Resteems, Retweets and just positive interactions don't go unnoticed. You are a committed and positive part of this movement. I wanted to express my appreciation to the selfless acts I see you perform everyday by highlighting others in some way. ♥
As for your tarot reading: I enjoyed it very much and will try to make it a point to stop by more often to participate :) I followed your directions and at the end felt a great sense of hope as things have been hectic in life lately. My day has started off a bit lighter due to you ♥
@traciyork You are a jewel to our blockchain ♥


Very belated hello in return, @deepsouthpiddlin! ❤️ I just realized I've missed replying to a bunch of awesomesauce comments (like yours), and I'm trying to catch up now.

I'm so glad my reading resonated for you, and I really appreciate you reaching out like this. I'm guessing the Universe wanted to save this message for me to see today, when things have been rather frantic and scattered for me, so I could have this amazing affirmation from you just when I needed it. 🤗

If I'm a jewel, then you are a shining star! 🌟 ✨ 😊

Thank-you ❤️ I’m so glad we can lift each other up 😊💕🌸🌸💕😘 Have a beautiful day ❤️

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