Tarot Tuesday - Osho Zen Tarot

Nods to @kimmysomelove42 for sharing her favorite decks and inspiring me to share mine. This is the most intuitive deck I have ever worked with and it is an especially good one to introduce the Tarot to skeptical or wary people. I can just tell them to look at the pictures and tell me what they see. And they 'get it' right away!

It comes with a handbook, but really it's not necessary. The cards align with the traditional format of the Rider-Waite deck, but has one additional Major Arcana card - The Master

Here's an example of another Major Arcana card - Courage.
To me the image says it all - you are strong, you will survive, and you will blossom.

And another - Conditioning. Feeling like a lion in a world of sheep? Taught to blend in when you should be standing out and roaring your truth?

And how about this one? Moment to Moment. How are you at trusting that each step will be revealed to you at the exact right time?

Many people can relate to the imagery in this card! Stress anyone?

This is the card I might need most in my life!
Letting Go

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Stress card is awesome :)

It says it all, doesn't it?

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Do you plan on doing any Tarrot card readings on Steemit ?

I did, offered to do that, and as I recall you were my only taker! I'll be happy to pull cards for you any time!

Yes I do remember ... I should have wrote any more ... instead of just any.

Sure I would love to have some cards pulled.

Thanks !

@rentmoney, I pulled 3 cards for you. In order, they are for the recent past, present, and near future - Success - Innocence - Laziness.

A celebration of something accomplished, usually a result of hard work and making good decisions. Enjoy the feeling, accept the accolades (from yourself and others)!

The child in you sees what is important and what is real and takes delight in the simplest things. Every moment is a wonder through a child's eyes. This card suggests taking some time from adult worries to play a little, perhaps in nature.

Laziness I love this card because its meaning is nearly the opposite of the word. "Lazy" is what we call ourselves when we have overworked ourselves and desperately need a vacation! The card suggests easing back a little, stop trying to do everything at once, allow others to take responsibility for what is theirs to do.

The three cards together give a picture of someone who has been working very hard, has been making things happen, but has forgotten that high gear isn't the only option. It's okay to coast a little, even idle for a while, it's all part of the journey.

I like to add that if you pick up other intuitive messages from the cards, go with those impressions over mine!

Awesome .... thank you very much.

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