Tarot Tuesday Twosome #18



My Tarot Tuesday Twosome takes two cards and explains what they suggest about the present and immediate future. Two cards can show point / counter-point situations. They can show a situation and further details to consider. They can indicate the present situation ... and the near future or the next step in the progression.

They give literally twice as much information as the familiar One-Card Reading, and I have found them to be surprisingly prescient in my practice with them. So, I decided to bring them here to my Steemit blog -- to show you what I mean and invite you to consider their weekly message / prediction ... and step into a more conscious life.

Editor's Note: ---> You may notice something different about today's reading. Like the presence of a third card. (Yeah, I know. Mercury is retrograde. Did you also notice it's Wednesday again ... not Tuesday?)

Sometimes the Tarot has its own ideas about how a reading should go ... and shows this if you somehow drop a card while asking the question, or if one (or more) flips out when you shuffle, or one card sticks to another ... or your intuition just tells you "this card wants to play, too."

Anyway ... through one of those processes today, we wound up with a triple instead of the requisite double. Sooo, let's roll with it. M'kay?


High Priestess (Yep. Her again. She's hogging the spotlight like The Hermit did for a while recently.) = go inward, listen to your intuition & inner voices, the answers you seek are within ... waiting to reveal themselves to you, heed the guidance of your inner wisdom

Queen of Cups = your creative, nourishing, supportive Inner Self who cares for, encourages & strengthens you and those she loves

2 of Swords Rx = doing something, taking action, turning ideas & information into momentum, making progress, "getting off the dime"


A comment on current conditions
What are these cards saying?

Get clear on what your intuition is telling you -- about what's going on in your world, what's happening with you, what you need to do, what comes next, etc. Get in touch also with the feminine energy in your Inner Family of Healers, Creatives, Artists and Mystics. She, too, has things to say ... and a role to take ... in what you need to do ... to start a new chapter and move on with your work, your projects, your development.

(She's the softer, more instructive partner of the King of Cups who's been present in several recent readings. He's the Master Artist who teaches by doing, by being an inspirational example others can follow. She's more of a tutor and personal teacher who can not only help you find your own voice / expression / therapy / path, etc., but she can steer you back on track if you wander.)

Keep going with your inner work, but it's time to get started, doing something proactive & definite ... at least to the extent you can. You have enough information now to take the next step -- even if that's as far as you can see ATM.


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