Tarot Tuesday Twosome #19



My Tarot Tuesday Twosome takes two cards and explains what they suggest about the present and immediate future. Two cards can show point / counter-point situations. They can show a situation and further details to consider. They can indicate the present situation ... and the near future or the next step in the progression.

They give literally twice as much information as the familiar One-Card Reading, and I have found them to be surprisingly prescient in my practice with them. So, I decided to bring them here to my Steemit blog -- to show you what I mean and invite you to consider their weekly message / prediction ... and step into a more conscious life.


2 of Swords Rx = no longer dithering, or data-collecting or "researching information," ---> taking action ---> choosing from available options ---> "getting off the dime" --->

The Empress Rx = taking care of yourself rather than others ---> resting, meditating, paying attention to your psychological & physical health ---> getting in touch with your feelings ---> playing with creative ideas, projects & options, but keeping the results to yourself for now


A comment on current conditions
What are these cards saying?

It's time to stop dithering, waffling and stalling. Start taking care of yourself. Good care. The kind of care you usually give others.


A forecast of the future
As a one-two sequence,
cause and effect / situation and result,
present situation and next situation

If you have plans & projects in mind, it's time to do something about them. Get started. Don't research yourself to death. Taking some steps will both foreclose certain choices and open up others. But recognize how depleted you are. You won't get very far if you don't provide the kind of encouragement and support you usually hand out freely to others. You need to be on your own side for a while. Become your own BFF. Srsly.


A point to ponder
Simple words of wisdom
to make the journey more interesting

Energy is invisible. In many ways it's also infinite. But giving away your energy costs you something. It is not free. If you're not being compensated somehow for what you do, including just being there for others, you are supporting them at your expense. It's time to replenish your reserves ... and spend them on you for a while (for a change.) Listen to your Inner Self for a while. Let it guide you.

If you feel exhausted, depressed, overwhelmed, uneasy, wary, uncertain or frightened ... talk to this Inner Self. (Write in your journal. It's a great way to contact her -- but expect to spend a lot more than a couple of minutes ... or one or two sessions. The state you are in requires healing -- and continuing support. It will take a while just to lay it all out where you can look at the problem -- and then it will take more time to resolve it. It starts with a decent diet, enough rest and the willingness to hear what you have to say without censorship or judgment. Are you up for that?)

Pull up a figure in your imagination that represents the kind of loving, supportive, unconditional love and care you require. It needs to be someone you trust and whose wisdom you honor. (That's your part of the bargain.) It can be someone from your past. It can be a famous figure from real life. It can be someone you imagine and create from start to finish.

The Empress is archetypal female energy, so this figure is most likely going to be a woman ... but not necessarily. Evolved men can step into this role as well ... if that's who answers your call. You'll know when it feels right.

Greet this person. Introduce yourself if you need to. Ask if they're willing to be your adviser and support system on this part of your journey. If s/he agrees, starting talking about your concerns. Ask questions. Start a dialogue. Listen to what comes back in response and write it down.

Watch for synchronicities in everyday life that seem to provide answers. Listen for meaningful random comments from your inner voices, in musical lyrics, pieces of dialogue on television or conversations you overhear. Answers come in many forms. You absolutely can do this!


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