Tarot Tuesday Twosome #20

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My Tarot Tuesday Twosome takes two cards and explains what they suggest about the present and immediate future. Two cards can show point / counter-point situations. They can show a situation and further details to consider. They can indicate the present situation ... and the near future or the next step in the progression.

They give literally twice as much information as the familiar One-Card Reading, and I have found them to be surprisingly prescient in my practice with them. So, I decided to bring them here to my Steemit blog -- to show you what I mean and invite you to consider their weekly message / prediction ... and step into a more conscious life.


7 of Swords Rx = being objective & honest ---> no longer waffling, rationalizing or making excuses ---> coming clean ---> admitting the truth ---> calling "a spade a spade" --->

The Magician Rx = failure to speak out in ways that are heard or respected ---> not being straightforward or open with your thoughts ---> not openly saying what you think ---> not sharing your plans ---> keeping things to yourself --->


A comment on current conditions
What are these cards saying?

It's possible you've reached some "moment of truth" -- admitting something you've tried to justify, avoid or explain away. So far though, you're keeping it to yourself. It's not for public consumption. You may be confused about "where to go from here" ... or you haven't decided what to do next.

You may also be reading between the lines on something which is not as it seems ---> but you haven't yet got the whole story ... or decided what to do about what you've learned.

Essentially some kind of con-job is coming unraveled, but you're still keeping your thoughts to yourself for the moment.


A forecast of the future
As a one-two sequence,
cause and effect / situation and result,
present situation and next situation

You've been part of ... or dealing with ... a dishonest situation, but you've seen through it. But you're not ready yet to call someone out -- or admit the truth as you now see it to anyone but yourself. You're keeping quiet about what you think, what you've learned, what you plan to do about it. (Seen this way you could be still playing along for some reason ... and lying to the liars, letting them believe you're still on board ... or still buying their ruse.)


A point to ponder
Simple words of wisdom
to make the journey more interesting

Something about this pair feels like ... "Wow, you've tried hard to avoid some painful admission." Maybe because of the part you played in it. Maybe because you let yourself buy into the lies. You may even have tricked yourself into believing what you wanted to believe for a while ... assuring yourself the situation (or person) could honest-to-goodness turn out differently than what your eyes told you ... and what your heart and mind already knew.

And now even though you're facing facts, you're still not sure what to do about it. (Or reluctant -- in spite of everything -- to do what you know needs to be done.)


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