Ravenking's 3 Day Forecasts- 5th Edition Public Global Tarot Reading. Valid from 31th Aug until 3rd Sept.

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Public Global Tarot Reading

We arrive at our our 5th Global Reading, again this reading is valid for the next 3 days, I wish to note that especially during the first day we can expect the previous reading to intersect with this one, as the remnants of the energies from the previous fade into the emerging energies of this next reading.

Again like last time the layout is 2 cards, the first card representing the dominant positive polarity of the next 3 days and the second representing the dominant negative polarity.

So lets get on to the reading:
King of Cups

Since I started doing these 3day forecasts, I am baffled again and again at how these readings blend into each other in such synchronicity. One can almost taste the intelligence of life ebbing and flowing through the different emerging themes that make up our days.

The dominant positive polarity of the last reading was queen of cups, and this reading then continues on with the king of cups. Where the Queen symbolizes the merging of action with feeling and passion. The King merges the suit of water with the intelligence of air.

He represents the virtues of aligning our intellect and. mind with the powerful currents that flow in our hearts, to be patient with and aware of the currents of life and their change-full flow.

He reads the knowledge of the centuries and seasons in the creations of nature. He is not a victim of the chaotic vast uncertain oceanic depths of life. But he is a pillar of wisdom and understanding, in whose presense the most chaotic of waters tend to calm down.

He is a protector and he cares for and watches over those near him. His strengths are his patience and tolerance. His understanding comprehends the necessity that all aspects and needs of those around him must be balanced, not just his own. He offers healing by teaching us how to allow the natural currents to flow through our veins and heal the burdens we carry in our hearts.

The queen of cups taught us how to transcend our darker emotions, by tuning in with our passion, daring to express ourselves in a manner that reflects authentically how we feel within in a creative passionate manner.

The King teaches us how to attune ourselves to the deeper currents of life, that have existed and repeat themselves in countless new ways again and again throughout time. it is the type of knowledge as that of the seasons. When winter comes we all know it is followed by spring. And when we have summer we know it is followed by winter. Similarly the King teaches us to see these patterns ever more deeply in a fractal manner repeat themselves in all aspects of life.

This understanding of the patterns of life and their playful changefulness from one state into another, teaches him how to ride the currents and waves in a manner that is safe and also of benefit to not only himself but all those around and near him.

Also most of our previous readings were very much focused internally and on ones self, this card starts breaking that cycle by slowly integrating the lessons that are being learned within oneself and about oneself and seeing the needs of others and also where we might be more tolerant with those near to us. How instead of resisting the imbalances of others and being intolerant, we might look deeper at these issues and be the one who can with patience see the deeper patterns at the root of this. Everyone is advancing at their own pace, some swimming against the currents of life and others with them. He sees the current though and understands with a sense of clarity how to ride it no matter how chaotic or calm the current is.

His understanding is that of the ancient rhythm of nature. His breath is the water around him and within him as a ruler of the sea. He is a being that has made his breath watery, to bring balance to an airy mind.

We who dwell on land, are too airy in our beings. Possessing a Mind of Air and Breathing Air ,we forget to imbibe and pay attention to the fluid beating of our blood and heart.

Questions to ask to work this card:

Which are the aspects within me that are intolerant?
What are the aspects in my life about which I am impatient?
Who are the people I am impatient with or intolerant of?
Where am I stuck in currents that keep repeating themselves like whirlpools that I am circling in, not knowing how to flow beyond them to merge with a current that takes me elsewhere and to new experiences?

So we move on to the next card our dominant negative polarity for the next 3 days:
So lets move on to the next card.

XV The Devil*

He represents the loss of independence, addiction, enslavement. being caught up merely in the material realm, overindulgence, choosing to stay in the dark.
He is the pleasures, lusts and desires that control us. He is the feeling of hopelessness that seems to close in and limit our options. He represents the dark force we construct within our-self to enslave our own self. For in reality he is not real. He is the personification of every excuse you have to feel limited and imprisoned. He is every excuse and cage you build in your thoughts and definitions about where you stand and who you are as being limited and without options. He is the fake puppeteer we allow to pull our strings, seemingly as if we had no control about it.

He is but an illusion dancing in the shadows of our imagination. He is as real as every limitation you set upon yourself or define yourself to have. That meaning that he is ultimately only in power if we choose to put him in power. For he has no key to unlock us from the bondage he puts us under, that key is always with us never further away than where you can reach. Just as in the card we can see the figure huddled together in a ball in his cage, curled up in a fetus pose looking down at himself, yet if he only dared to look above himself even just a quick glance he would see the key to his lock is right there for him to grab and free himself. But at the same time this cage and imprisonment is also a womb, for it is the lesson we need to pass through to find out our truth. For it is by transcending the imaginary devil that we each have created within our-self as excuse for all the reasons not to be in our truth and to feel limited, that we can actually grow into and own our truth.

In a way this imaginary devil guards your heart as his price and treasure, so that you may chase other treasures until you realize one day, that your heart is more valuable than any treasure and decide to take it back and with that act will realize that he was the angel of lies guarding your heart and truth hidden in the shadows, until you have understood the price of lies is not worth the priceless value of your true heart and truth.

Questions to work with his card:

What are the excuses I use to justify my feelings of being limited or without options?
What are the excuses I use to justify being untruthful?
What are the excuses I use to justify I am weak?
What are the excuses I use to justify my enslavement?
What are the excuses and reasons I use to justify my lies?
What are the treasures I will lie for?
In all of these question you can find how you have created your own imaginary devil that imprisons you, but it is not he who imprisons you, it is you who has created him to imprison you.

He is every limitation you believe you have, every excuse you make for not doing what you feel you should. He is every temptation you run away with seeking pleasure that is meant to fill the hole where you used to have your truth and your heart. The Devil is only there cause you want him too,but all he does is guard your heart until you no longer need him too. When you speak truth to yourself and act the truth of your heart, he will return the treasure you thought he kept away from you. He doesnt mind being the scapegoat for as long as you need excuses to lie to yourself and to limit yourself. He knows that he is innocent and that all power lies with you.

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Much Love,

PS. Decks Used: "Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law"

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This is a great reading :) highly resteemed

Your talent is amazing! I cant even draw a simple flower properly! I wish I have such a talent like yours.

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