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RE: July 9 2019 weekly Tarot Tuesday reading, plus a Mercury Retrograde Infographic

in #tarottuesday2 years ago

Very belated hello in return, @deepsouthpiddlin! ❤️ I just realized I've missed replying to a bunch of awesomesauce comments (like yours), and I'm trying to catch up now.

I'm so glad my reading resonated for you, and I really appreciate you reaching out like this. I'm guessing the Universe wanted to save this message for me to see today, when things have been rather frantic and scattered for me, so I could have this amazing affirmation from you just when I needed it. 🤗

If I'm a jewel, then you are a shining star! 🌟 ✨ 😊


Thank-you ❤️ I’m so glad we can lift each other up 😊💕🌸🌸💕😘 Have a beautiful day ❤️

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