TASKMANAGER Token Autovote Adjustment

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Holders of the TASKMANAGER token on bitshares/openledger receive benefits such as automatic votes on their posts and shares in @steembasicincome. This post is for those people and those wanting to get some. Voting starts with the account @tmholdings and is followed by a trail through steemauto.

I hopped onto steemreports to check and see if people were getting more or less than their share of the reward pool for their share of the TASKMANAGER token in their bitshares wallets.


Vote percentages were adjusted up or down for everyone to help balance out fair shares of the reward pool. This will be readjusted a couple times a month to keep everything fair. Most people seen a slight increase while a few seen a reduction. This was likely due to over-posting. This may be tweaked over the next 24 hours depending on SP drain.

Vote Trail Changes

Right now the vote trail is comprised of friends and family of @taskmanager, as well as accounts created for specific purposes within steemit like @prizeportal and a couple accounts purchased through private sale last year.

Over the next few weeks the vote trails will be reworked so different accounts will vote based on how much TASKMANAGER you hold, then the trail follows that account. The goal is to eliminate the trail voting when access vote power on @tmholdings is sold to minnowbooster.

The size of the trails will also be doubled and then tripled, you will still receive the same dollar amount, just spread out over a few more votes. This will increase the likelihood people will view your posts.

Creating Good Content Is Still Up To You

The votes received are not going to pay for your children's college or buy a lambo on their own, it is up to you to create good content and get upvoted by other steemians, these votes will simply help gain attention and give a minimum value to your posts.

Upfundme Rules/Information
Cobinhood 0 Fee Trading
Taskmanager Holdings Eobot Cloudmining
Bitshares/Openledger Decentralized Trading


You sure that these votes won't buy me a lambo? Lets use $0.06 earned per vote as it seems to be about how much I get. The starting MSRP of the Lamborghini Huracan is about $200,000. $200,000/$0.06 is about 3,333,333. At one post a day, thats only 9132 years. Lets get this lambo.
Haha, but in actuality, this is very good for publicity, as it gives your post a few votes and a small pending balance so it drives more people to it. Thanks for it.

Everything I'm building is connected, and feeds eachother. A layoff just gave me a lot more free time to build these things up, plus I need it more now lol.

@prizeportal has huge potential, and feeds it's votes to holders of the TASKMANAGER token and #upfundme.

Building the app for @upfundme isn't easy, and is a bit of a money suck, but also has massive potential and when it becomes self sustaining it will reduce the drain on the trail allowing higher upvotes for token holders.

One of those bidding votebots are in the works that will feed it's profit into the newly created trail accounts, and will slowly increase the base vote over time too. I have a secret plan to make this bidding bot unique ;)

An app for upfundme. Sounds awesome, sorta was thinking of doing something similar myself but its good to know someone more experienced is already doing something like that.
The layoff doesn't sound good, but hey, it might allow you to be a full time steemian, like a few others have done.
Prizeportal is awesome. If I ever can, I'll try and donate some things for you to giveaway. Thanks for all the support @taskmanger. You've helped me a ton here on the Steem blockchain, and I know you've made even more people happier.

Layoff is good, collect employment insurance for a year while I try and build steemit and other crypto projects. The goal is that at the end of the year I don't have to go back to work.

Happy Jays Opening Day man!

Just dropped by to say that, as I head out the door. The pre game is on.

Have a good day man.

Was thinking about you so came to find you.

Enjoy the game man, I seen them once when I went to RCC Institute Of Technology in Toronto, but that was many moons ago.

Guys I played with and against played for them among other sports but man, there is nothing like Opening Day buddy.

Did you put the shovel away yet out there?


Tough game for the Jays but it was nice to get out of the house and the waitress was actually nice.

Update to my taskmanger balance: I now hold 269.7783 TASKMANAGERS.

Sweet, I just adjusted your vote %. It may go up or down over the next week while I figure out your fair share based on many factors. Damn math lol.

Few more question. Sorry about all these questions, I like to know as much as I can about things I'm getting myself into.
1: Is voting still capped at 33% to a person, no matter how much they hold?
2: Can I give x percent of my votes to another person, without transferring TASKMANAGERs to them? Say I hold 500 TASKMANAGERs, but would like to give the upvote value of 100 TASKMANAGERs to person y and another value of 100 to person z.
3: If you said yes to 2, would you be fine with me giving away part of the upvote values as a reward to people for a specific duration of time? (I'm willing to talk more about this on how we can arrange it if you say yes. I use discord and can use steemit.chat(or what the new version of it is) to discuss with you.)

  1. Vote cap is currently 33% when it comes to token holders. (But this will increase when the new trails are in effect)
  2. Technically no, but I'd be willing to in this case so long as it doesn't get annoying.
  3. Yes, but refer to 2. Keep in mind many factors would be included in this, your vote % factors in how often you post per day, theirs would as well. Also keep in mind this is extra work, and will only be done in spare time.

Email me at [email protected] to set it up. But I won't do it until I work out what to give you for a vote %.

The idea is the % of TASKMANAGER you hold is your percentage of the reward pool, but I donate a large portion of my share to bump up everything and I don't quite have scaling worked out yet. Then I gotta factor in the buyback and burn as that changes the weight of a single TASKMANAGER. There are people with thousands of TASKMANAGER that don't even receive a single vote as well. When you get into the higher numbers scaling an upvote becomes impossible.

Part of this new trail system helps account for the larger stakeholders, as they will get votes from a longer trail, with more accounts and a higher vote weight from the main SP holding accounts. I am still doing math on all of this though.

Also before you buy too much I'll give ya a personal heads up, I'm going to be paying in TASKMANAGER to followers of the new TM Support trail. Some will be doing it just to sell the tokens instead of saving them up to get a better upvote, might be a chance to pick up some at a reduced price.