Updates and Changes to the TASKMANAGER Autovote Program

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A few changes will be made over the next 24 hours to the TASKMANAGER autovote system powered by STEEM and Bitshares. These changes are to keep things profitable for everyone.

The first change is all voting will be handled through steemauto.com. This allows more exact vote % selection for each member, as well as automatic protection of Steem Power for voting accounts. If the vote power of the voting account goes below 85% voting will be paused until it is above 85%. Votes missed during the time voting is paused will not be filled later so check the vote power of @tmholdings and @taskmanager BEFORE posting.

The second change is @tmholdings will be the main voting account for TASKMANAGER token holders. Keeping Steem Power delegations across multiple accounts is becoming too difficult. @tmholdings maintains 1 leased delegation from blocktrades so the main monetary upvote will come from there. Upvote The Delegation Kitten to support the votes you receive.

Thirdly a trail will be created to follow @tmholdings increasing the amount of votes received. @taskmanager will be included in this trail but the main monetary vote comes from @tmholdings.

Lastly all confirmed members of the TASKMANAGER autovote system will be repeatedly sponsored into #steembasicincome. This has already happened once, you can find the details of that here if you missed it. I will be using #upfundme to fund these shares for everyone. As shares increase so will the vote received from @steembasicincome's bots. I have no connection with #steembasicincome, this is just another reward for buying and holding TASKMANAGER tokens. Shares will be given in batches as the STEEM comes in from #upfundme posts.

Confirmed Members


To confirm you have 50 or more TASKMANAGER in your Bitshares trading wallet, send ANY amount of ANY token to task-manager with your steemit username as the memo. Accounts are added manually so sorry for any delays.


If you are hungry for votes, and can't afford 50 TASKMANAGER, check out the feed of @tmholdings for the most recent Steemit Newbies Steembasicincome Sponsorship Program.

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Excellent post i like so much it.

Thanks for doing this. I found you through your steembasicincome sponsor posts. I am excited about the chance to have my shares of sbi increase automatically. I plan to follow in your footsteps and sponsor tons of people when I have more power behind my account.

Hey that's great of you, thanks a lot! I will look into it too, sounds interesting.