25th Birthday, @amriadits to enjoy Japanese Ramen at Blu Plaza.

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When I was in an unhealthy condition, I took the time to take a walk on a special day. Where the 19th yesterday was my 25th birthday. I was invited by Audia to Blu Plaza to enjoy Japanese Ramen. Actually to enjoy Japanese Ramen without having to go to the mall too.

But because we have a voucher from Tokopedia worth 100,000, at last, we go to Blu Plaza for daily shopping like Rinsoe, bath soap, perfume, and others. After shopping for various needs, we finally enjoyed Ramen as Audia wanted. If I am anything, what matters is halal.


But because many of our visitors are embarrassed to take photos. Usually, we will capture moments of sightseeing. But this time it wasn't Ferguso.

I honestly just tried Ramen this time. It turned out that the taste was good too. No less delicious with Mie Aceh which has been my favorite.


Even though it's the 25th birthday, but I don't want any celebrations like burning candles and others. I am very grateful to be given a long life. Hopefully, in going to the age of 26 this can immediately perfect half of the religion, namely to marry him.

Restaurant Information

Blu Plaza
Jl. Chairil Anwar No.27-36, Margahayu, Bekasi Tim., Kota Bks, Jawa Barat 17113, Indonesia

25th Birthday, @amriadits to enjoy Japanese Ramen at Blu Plaza.
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