Belgian Fries In The Capital of Moldova

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I need to make a localization from the start so you can understand the specifics more easily. It is about Moldova, a historical region in Romania. Romania, a country in Eastern Europe.

Iasi is the historical capital of Romania and the administrative capital of the region of Moldova. It is a very beautiful city, full of students and tourists. The Palace of Culture is the emblem of the city and is a very visited museum. It is an equally impressive building both day and night.



In a city so visited and with so many goals to see, you do not have much time to lose with food, at least during the day. That's why, especially young people, prefer a takeaway. My wife is the same (although it is not part of the very young category).

Something very tasty, easy to eat, not too expensive and preferred by almost all people ... French fries! If we don't have French then Belgian are just as good.

Belgian Fries

In the downtown, on a pedestrian street, there is a small bistro called Cartuf. In Romanian "cartof" means potato.




Although customers can eat inside the bistro, when the weather is beautiful everyone likes to eat on the street. The cook is very skilled and fast and everyone is happy.



The most important is the taste and consistency of the potatoes, the spices and the sauces used. There are many variations, each one can order according to his preferences.

IMG_1976 (1).jpg

Prices are acceptable, even small in my opinion. Average portion without sauces cost $1.5 and $2 with all the sauce. The big portion cost $3.

There are some specialties, such as "Carnaciuf" meaning Fries with sausages and " Pizzuf": meaning Fries with pizza sauce. The price is about $ 4.

As I said, customers are very pleased with both the amount and the taste of these fries. My wife can testify (and I, of course).




I think it's a perfect snack when you're on holiday and you're impatient to see as many places in the city as you visit. Time is precious and you don't want to spend hours at a restaurant table. It's cheap too. Even an iron cat would like to taste!



Restaurant Information

Strada Alexandru Lăpușneanu 16, Iași 700057, Romania

Belgian Fries In The Capital of Moldova
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Being a carbo-holic here I can really appreciate these!

Thank you! I'm also a carbo-holic and I didn't know the name.


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Thank you very much! Hope to help people to visit those places.

Lovely place @bluemoon. Fries are tasty and can be dressed up with different toppings. Poutine is a dish we have here and not expensive at the restaurant. It is fries topped with gravy and cheese curds.

Thank you! I think I would like Poutine.

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Frites in a cone is the best thing ever for a cold day (I'm not sure that I would be having them in summer, I would prefer ice cream in a cone!). Funny that you find that there so far away from Belgium... nice and crunchy, they are the best!

Yes, you have right...are better in a cold day.

I love fried potatoes))) And the city is very beautiful!

Thank you! It means we're two.

All those food blogs I need to skip those after midnight 🕛

Yes, I agree. It's a wise choice.

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Fries with pizza sauce must be especially interesting! That is a combination I have never tried. It seems there is something for every taste at that restaurant!

You have punctuated correctly, I think they are good with pizza sauce, I have to try them. Thank you!

Oh, feed me those carbs!!! I like french fries or Belgian fries in any way. As a matter of fact, I love potatoes!

These are delicious and I know that they make a great snack. Is this a recent picture because you have a coat on and a scarf? I hope not!

Anyway! Looks like a great snack!


And I love potatoes since I was a kid ...
You caught me, the photos are from this spring, now it's very hot!

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Thank you, Denise!

wow it looks nice and specially the cat, I loveit

Thank you! Yes, the iron cat ... is decorative.

Wow. Seems good place and tasty fries:)

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Very tasty fries, more tasty than my fries from home.

What was the small hole on the door for?

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To give you the food package if you do not want to go into the bistro.

Wow! Belgian Fries. Never try before when I visited Belgium last few years. Here I bookmarked for my future reference!

I'm glad I remembered this. I think they are the most tasty in Belgium!

I love the day and night pictures of the museum building, I would love to visit that city if given the chance. I've never had Belgian Fries before, it has an interesting look.

Belgian fries are just like any fries, just different spices and sauces that are covered.

Those are beautiful photos and what a lovely review. Those fries just looks so good. THanks for sharing this with us!

With pleasure! I'm happy that you liked it!