The take away I love: focaccia

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There is a historic bakery whose business has been handed down for three generations and the taste of the focaccia has never changed. The merit is the use of always local products and the conservation of the recipe. The focaccia is so good that it is difficult to describe: light, crunchy, oily at the right point, fragrant ... These are some adjectives that I think of while I eat my piece of focaccia.

The bakery never changed the aesthetics of the place because people are not attracted here for the beauty of the place but for the goodness of the food. The bakery prepares many local takeaway foods such as fried artichokes, fried cutlets, baked pasta and much more.

Like all bakeries, however, bread is sold here, fragrant and crunchy, or soft and fluffy, according to the tastes of the customers. We serve three different generations to serve people: grandmother, mother and daughter. It is very beautiful as a family image and also the heart is good, as well as on the palate ☺️

Restaurant Information

La spiga
Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 77, 76125 Trani BT, Italy

The take away I love: focaccia
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Awesome foods to get a takeaway food.

Thanks for sharing this with us

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