A lovely place for my breakfast - A Tasteem Review

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Charlotte is the name of a recently opened bar and I decided to try breakfast on the first morning. Aesthetically it is really impressive because it has been studied in detail, with golden elements in the Baroque style, and where pastry is the subject. In fact, entering the pastry shop there is a great quantity of cakes and sweets that almost attack the customers.

There are many tables available where you can sit and have your drinks and food. There is also a large counter for anyone who wants to have a quick coffee or enjoy a good brioche. Customers can buy and take away pastries to take home or to the office.

The coffee is excellent, Illy blend, therefore creamy and intense. The dessert is soft, filled with cream and black cherry, covered with a veil of sugar.

Charlotte was promoted with a nice 8

Restaurant Information

Via Cavour, 77, 76125 Trani BT, Italy

A lovely place for my breakfast - A Tasteem Review
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