I love Breakfast Time

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This time I am talking about a perfect breakfast bar because you can choose from a wide variety of really delicious food! The bar is called Europa and is the meeting place for many people both day and night. In fact, it is possible to drink a good coffee or eat pastries even at night because the bar is open all day.

The pastry shop is really abundant and varied and all the products on display are made by the laboratory located next to the bar. The croissants are the sweets that I prefer at breakfast, especially if filled with cream. But there are also croissants with cereal, turmeric and ginger, wholemeal, vegan doughs.

However, the bar also prepares excellent really good aperitifs and good cocktails to quench our thirst! The bar is not very large and there is a small room where we can sit down to have our meal!

Restaurant Information

Bar Europa
Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 161, 76125 Trani BT, Italy

I love Breakfast Time
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È realmente un bel momento la colazione, caro @claudio83, un momento che merita di essere celebrato nella giusta maniera...

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Buon appetito! The food there looks really delicious! Thanks for sharing your review, @claudio83.

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Looks like a nice selection of pastry. I miss the european bakeries

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Looks good for breakfast!

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