Big plates and big taste

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Tasteem Review: Trattoria Bon

This restaurant provided a cute Italian dining experience. Tables were placed close to each other, the lunch service was busy and noisy but the food came in good time. We didn't wait long.

Due to the busyness during our visit, I didn't feel comfortable to take photos of the tables and people. So I've used some photos shared on Google maps with the name of the photographer visible.

The meal was very delicious, we ordered a vegetable tagglatelle and chicken risotto. At first it looked small but ended up very filling.
The meal costed us 30 Mark (€15) which included 2 mains, 2 ice teas. I think it was good value.
The noodles were very fresh and it was the right portion too for lunch!

Some little details

Location: Branilaca Sarajeva 51, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Telephone: +387 33 222-403
Price Rating: $$

Restaurant Information

Trattoria Bon
Branilaca Sarajeva 51, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Big plates and big taste
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Sort: looks very delicious thank sharing with us:)

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You're welcomed. It was very delicious


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the dishes in your review are all appetizing

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I like how in many balkan restaurants the plates are big and the portions are big, so you never leave hungry :)