Tasty pizza from Pizza Burg

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Hello foodies,

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend with tasty foods. I am also well enough and passing good time with my family. Today I will be sharing one source of tasty pizza from Pizza Burg.


It has been many days we enjoyed pizza last time. My daughter likes pizza very much. So, this time I decided to have pizza with my family at Pizza Burg. As all our family members are in the group of bulky people, always try to avoid fast foods. That day I could not say no to my daughter. So, we decided to go to Pizza Burg.


We ordered two big size pizza. A good discount was going on. It costed around 1500 local currency. On different occasions this restaurant gives discount to their customers. Sometimes you may get ‘buy one get one free’ offer. However, some more pictures of pizzas which we had.




After placing the order, they to quite some time to prepare it for us. When it came to us we could smell it and was really nice. The cheese, chicken and mushrooms gave a different look of the pizza. It was really colourful and yummy to taste.



The pizza burg restaurant is situated at Mirpur-2 area. It’s a nice restaurant and quite tidy. I took some pictures from inside and outside of the restaurant. Here are those.




Here all the pictures were captured using my iPhone 11 Pro Max mobile phone except the pictures of the restaurant. Those were captured by my wife’s cell phone. Thanks for stopping by.

Restaurant Information

Pizza Burg
Avenue Road Section:2 , Block: A, Avenue:1 , House: 12/1, ঢাকা 1216, Bangladesh

Tasty pizza from Pizza Burg
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Nothing nicer than a pizza dinner.

You are correct. Thanks.

That looks so unique! thanks for sharing this with us

You are most welcome.

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