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Le Cafe in Pondicherry is one of the oldest cafes in Pondy standing in between the french town and the rock beach. It is more attractive for its seafornt location. It is right in the middle of the promenade and the beach.
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At night they have the lights on which keep on changing the colours. It gets very crowded in the evening with many coming to walk and relax at the beach.

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Inside the cafe, it is still the old set up with the croissents, cup cakes and cakes in the trays with the glass lids. But, most of the items get sold out or not available. I wanted to try the cheese croissents and it was not there both the times we visited.
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It was the same night where the whole waffle incident happened and I wanted to eat something cheesy and filling and... basically I was hungry!

There is a rise in expectations of food when you know the place is really old and see the wood oven and such. I have been here 3 years before, a night with a friend while visiting Pondy for the first time.

That was when the staff didn't allow us to take our food to the balcony seat because one of us bought it from the ground floor. Yes, that was a lot of drama and later came to know it was not about us but an internal issue with the management there.

So, this time I really didn't want to go but hunger makes you open give a second chance. This time it was not an issue though they still have the two floor system.

It was a long wait for my chicken lasagne. And I was never excited for something to eat like that before. All of it changed the moment the spoon was inside the glass container.
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It was so runny and nothing like what it was supposed to be. But, I was hungry, craved for cheese and there was chicken. Definitely not the lasagne I would suggest trying.
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Like I said, the cafe is great for its location. Its the waves crashing on the rocks on the side and the wind, all of that makes it a great place to be.

There are a lot of small stalls inside the cafe itself sells candles and small gifts. On the weekends it gets a bit more crowded.

Despite my experience, I saw few people always enjoy the food there, mostly groups of tourists. So, maybe it is a good place for someone with a different taste in food. But, definitly a great place for a seafront cafe.

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Restaurant Information

Le cafe Pondicherry
White Town, Puducherry, 605001, India

Le Café Pondicherry
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