Poffertjes: Dutch Sweet Snack

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Poffertjes is famous for Dutch Sweets. First time to try this out and it tastes really like a pancake. The only difference is that a pancake is big, but this one is small and poffers. :)

For the costs of 5.5 euro it is so expensive for me. Quite oily and not the kind of sweets I am craving for. It is simply a pancake so I am not that so much impressed on this snack because I found it not special.


I bought this at De Bazaar Beverwijk Food Stand where tons of food stalls around the area. You may dine in or take away this sweet snack if you want.


Not recommended for the price and if you are not a pancake lover.

Restaurant Information

Parallelweg, 1948 NN Beverwijk, Netherlands

Poffertjes: Dutch Sweet Snack
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That looks so unique and good