Lavish but Cheap at Indian Delight

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For the price of 10 euro and can be shared to 2-3 person. My stomach is full of joy and satisfied.

Super mouth-watering and worth every penny. For varieties of dishes that you can select, the flavour makes you crave for more.


We dine it at Indian Delight located in De Bazaar , Beverwij, Netherlands. A popular place for cheap shopping stalls, goods and food.

I am delighted that my husband took me here. So inlove with the food stall area that you can have so much more to blog about.

I would definitely recommend this place if you want affordable and family-friendly spot to explore and enjoy.


Restaurant Information

Indian Delight
Parallelweg, 1948 NN Beverwijk, Netherlands

Lavish but Cheap at Indian Delight
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10 euros for 3 people is very good and inexpensive. Good review