Sweet Treats at Yogen Fruz

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My husband treats me something sweet because it is my day and I achieve a great opportunity. Here in Yogen Fruz it has been flocked by many people. As I was observing the place, it caught my interest to try try.

In the inside of the Yogen Fruz there are bunch of fresh fruit, flavoured yogurt, ice creams and toppings. You can customized your sweets whatever you wanted.


So this cup cost 8 euro which surprised me, because it is so expensive for me, so I am disappointed. It contains chocolate yogurt, some fruits like fresh watermelon and strawberry, picanto toppings and some sprinkles. It is not so much but really pricey


The taste is so sweet for me, in conclusion I don't like the combination at all. Not worth the price but worth to try another flavour next time. :D

Restaurant Information

Yogen Fruz
Reguliersbreestraat 19, 1012 CL Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sweet Treats at Yogen Fruz
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