Health Wellness Drink at Eazie Zaandam

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Healthy drink for a struggling health condition. Always up to have fresh combination of fruits and vege in a drink.

I had mine at the beautiful Zaandam. I am not feeling well so I decided to grab some fresh juice for my tummy.


Healthy food and drinks is most of the times expensive. I bought this for 5 euro, pricey indeed but health is life. I am satisfied with this health drink so, it is good for my immune system.


At Eazie, you won't regret dining here because they serve varieties of food from a la carte, salad and smoothies.

It's one of a kind restaurant that you can enjoy a good ambiance.

Restaurant Information

Eazie Wok Salad Smoothies
Hermitage 20, 1506 TX Zaandam, Netherlands

Health Wellness Drink at Eazie Zaandam
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