Chillin at Dein Treff Salzburg

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Killing time while charging our phone for another exciting backpacking trip in the countryside. We head to Dein Treff to unwind and enjoy the summer heat.

We went here because our hotel is just in this building and left our backpack.


This place is a great spot to relax, they offer beverages based on your preference. My husband ordered beer and mine is my fave latte machiato.

In Dein Treff you can dine inside or outside (smoking area).


Price is reasonable, not bad to relax and have a chat. Planning our itinerary on our next Austrian adventure would be ideal in this spot.

Sitting capacity is around 30 people more or less. I am happy with the service and the staff is approachable.

Restaurant Information

Dein Treff
Neutorstraße 8, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Chillin at Dein Treff Salzburg
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nice drink with biscut