Alo Puri- My Favorite Street Food

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Hello Food Lovers,

Winter is feeling well in our midst, but its warmth feels great in the evening. And in the winter, traditional dishes of Bengalese are in high demand in the evening. Because the best way to enjoy the warmth of winter is to eat hot foods in the evening.



Even though Bengalis prefer hot food in the morning and evening. However, its demand increases in winter season, as the warmth of winter adds a different dimension. Because of this, Bengalis get up for enjoying some festival in the winter with different types of Pitha.



Yesterday evening so I took such a chance. On the way back from the office, I saw a hot potato puri burnt in a local restaurant next to the office. I couldn't really control my greed. I entered the restaurant to take the taste of hot potato’s puri.


In fact, our vulnerability to potato dishes is a little higher in our country. Of these, the demand for potato’s puri is very good. It is a kind of fun food mixed with flour, potatoes, spices and fried in submerged oil.


This kind of puri is available in almost all the local restaurants in our country. The price is very cheap and quite popular. To me, this is quite a favorite.


Nadim Biriyani House
37, Purana Paltan,
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh


Thanks all for visit my review and reading my writing.


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Restaurant Information

Nadim Biriyani House
Purana Paltan, Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh

Alo Puri- My Favorite Street Food
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Alooo puri sounds amazing!! I've made standard puris before no prob, but this is next level. I can't see inside the pic so we'll, are the potatoes stuffed inside as well? Like with a samoosa?

In fact, the amount of onion is high in the samoosa and the potato is higher here. Thanks for visit.

Wow yummy food thank you for shere dear @hafizullah

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welcome brother.

It looks delicious but I usually don't eat Puri much because of the oil.
My acne will call me in no time. Ha ha ha...

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:P yes thats also true

I'm not quite adventurous when it comes to trying out new dishes. This one looks good though. 😉👍

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Brother. Alu puri is my Favorite as well

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