[Introduction of Korean food] Chocopie

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Hi? I'm @ korea-food.

In Korea, the product is launched under the brand name Choco Pie, becoming a pronoun.

So, when you come to Korea, you will see a product called ChocoPie.

However, these products have been upgraded to enhance the quality of the products, and the flavors have been diversified.

Seoul Station is the place where the most people come and go in Korea and KTX, a high-speed railway, is also available.

I introduce the premium store here.

I ordered a basic set menu and used KTX. I was happy to think that the children would like it.

When I arrived home, I ate Chocopie with the children.

If you come to Korea, I recommend you to visit once.

Today is the introduction of Korean food here.

Next time I will introduce you to Korean restaurants.

Look at next time.

This posting is for Korean food in English.

The right to photography is in @seunglimdaddy

서울특별시 용산구 한강대로 405

Restaurant Information

405 Hangang-daero, Hoehyeon-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

[Introduction of Korean food] Chocopie
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