[Korea-food] Homemade tofu restaurant

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Hi? I'm @ korea-food.

During this time, I would like to introduce a place to sell a variety of Korean food with tofu made directly at the restaurant.

The restaurant was very clean and neat because it was just after the commencement of business.

There was a bean and a machine that made the tofu that was made directly from the restaurant.

I ordered a set menu with meat and two stew.

The various side dishes were delicious and neat.

I was happy to eat with my family, and I felt that it was health food by making it with beans.

If you come to Korea, I recommend you to visit once.

Today is the introduction of Korean food here.

Next time I will introduce you to Korean restaurants.

Look at next time.

The right to photography is in @seunglimdaddy

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숨쉬는 순두부
대한민국 경상북도 경산시 옥산동 677-5

Restaurant Information

숨쉬는 순두부
677-5 Oksan-dong, Gyeongsan, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea

[Korea-food] Homemade tofu restaurant
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Hi, I'm a fan of Korean food, unfortunately we don't have many korean restaurant here. End up I often buy packed ramen and eat it like they do in the Korean drama...hahaha I'm a fan of Koran Drama too. Your pictures showed delicious Korean food. I bookmark it!