Happy breakfast tuyo!

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Silog is a contracted local term for sinangag, which means fried rice, and itlog which means egg. It is very common terminology for breakfast dishes like if they say "tosilog", that means tocino, (local version of bacon), sinangag, and itlog. The silog can be paired with many other fried dishes

Something new on the glass wall was this new breakfast option for Hungarian silog and cheesesausilog. I wonder when this was posted because it was about a couple of months ago when I last visited the place.

Apparently, the restaurant is also trying something new on their menu.

Hungarian hotdog, fried rice and egg.

Cheese sausage, fried rice and egg.


A little to the left on the wall facing you when you enter the restaurant are these food posters which I never bothered to check if these are on their menu. Though, I was sure that the noodles are.


The restaurant was almost full when I got in. The early diners were chattering in the midst of their meals. Well, it was lunch time. What should I expect?

I was blessed to have a table still vacant which seem to be waiting just for me.

When I visited the place before, I was focusing on the Nostalgia Specials on the menu. Now that I saw that Hungarian silog poster on the wall, I looked for other silog and realized there are many options.

When I saw the tuyosilog on the menu, I asked one of the crew if it is what I think.

"The tuyosilog is the one with salted dried fish, right?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"And it is available anytime? Not just for breakfast?"

"Yes, ma'am."

Tuyo literally means dry. I guess that is where the name of salted dried fish came from that qe also call it tuyo.

I ordered for the tuyosilog.

I can't help smiling at my plate when it was served. I have a breakfast set in the middle of the day! Well, who says I can't take breakfast at noon?

I like my eggs to be well done but on many cases I forgot to tell the crew. And by default, most restaurants would serve half-cooked egg if there is no further instruction of cooking it well. I am not that type of person who is strict or delicate about this so I just had what was served. Aside from the texture, I don't really think there is much difference.

Before from my plate was served, they served this condiment of vinegar blended with other spices. I asked how spicy it is and the crew said, "just right." I wonder how "just right" is measured but with tuyo, vinegar is it pair for me. Very salty as it is, I still want to dip into vinegar so I poured into a saucer. It was not that spicy after all. It was just the right kick. I enjoyed its blend and something new taste on the tuyo.

I was about half way through my meal when people started to leave. And every time a table is vacated, the crew was quick to immediately take over and clean the tables. That was a very good business mindset because with limited tables they have, those should be as busy as things can be.

I asked the crew about what time they open up and she said they run 24 hours except on Sundays.

"So how is your operation on Sundays?"

"We close,ma'am, at 5:00 PM on Satuday and resume at 5:00 AM on Monday.

Cool. So I can have my silog anytime specially when I really have to get oit of the house really early.

I'll be back!

GF Studio One Condominium
Civic Drive
Northgate, Alabang
Muntinlupa City
Metto Manila

Restaurant Information

Northgate Cyberzone, Filinvest Avenue, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, 1780 Metro Manila, Philippines

Happy breakfast tuyo!
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@macoolette The restaurant has a curious name, in which it invites us to memories that remain after trying the menu.

I am not actually sure why the restaurant was named that way but the menu options arr mostly our local Filipino dishes. I guess the nostalgia is bringing back the original Filipino kitchen aura.

Very interesting macoolette! I've never had little dried fish like that. I don't know if I would like to. lol. But this was a great review and the restaurant looks really nice.

I am sure you will like it specially with fresh tomatoes or just plain vinegar. I told you, you should visit the Philippines so you can try our food. You're missing a lot! 😃

How have you been lately?

Howdy macoolette! You are off work today so you have time to comment, I assume, very good. Those tiny little fish don't look like they would be enough protein for me. lol. but I would try them, it looks like you have to nibble around the bones, right? That seems like a lot of work.

Things are going great here, the Fall weather is perfect for working outside so I am doing that, working on outside projects and not spending as much time on steemit. Did you take off steemit for a week?

I took off Steemit for two weeks I guess. I actually feel longer than that. Geesssss... it's been crazy and still is. I'm just trying not to lise my footprint on Steemit so I try to peek even for a very short time.

You still have fall weather this time? I thought winter is coming? How's winter in a land where it does not snow?

The winters here are wonderful. We have cold temperatures that go colder than freezing occasionally but the average temperature in the daytime is like 10C for the winter so it is very mild. It is perfect for working outside if the work is physically demanding.

But the best part is we don't have to be on the constant watch for snakes for a few months.

Are you saying that your job is crazy? Why is that?

10°C, it's like here in California. It's 11°C right now. Now I got a taste of your winter. I wonder how that can be perfect when I can not move normally and all I want is curl up in bed. 😄

Well, my job has been a bit more demanding lately and will continue to be when I get back. I wanted to finish as much as I can so I will not leave a lot when I go on break but it's given, work always comes with demands. So I will enjoy my break for now while it lasts. 😊

Howdy again macoolette! If you enjoy your work then more power to you, it must be satisfying for you. As far as the weather, we moved from up North were it was very cold so this feels perfect!

Good going then! 😊

hmmm, this kind of food is good for those who grew up in province. When we went in the City it's hard for us to eat anymore like dried fish. Although it's kind of expensive for a simple meal but it's fine because it feel's like you're in home at the province.

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tasty breakfast
Thanks for sharing

Another nice find looks great for breakfast .. hey did you check out my first post i done for #tasteem 👍

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