Blind date at Fashion Outlet

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If I go for a blind date I would prefer a moderate ground rather than going extremes of being too frugal or too extravagant. Aside from price consideration is the ambiance. It should not be too noisy nor too initimate. It's a blind date after all. You are yet to know how things would go.

And these remind me of the Fashion Outlet Of Las Vegas in Primm.

The Fashion Outlet is away from crowded business districts or residences and is connected to Primm Valley Resort. With that, you can say that it is not noisy and also not boring for a blind date because there is a recreational area to enjoy together.

And where to eat? There are many options. Another moderate ground is the food center. Our tour bus dropped by the area for shopping. We will be caught by lunch time so we have to eat there.


I noticed the queue in front of Charleys' was obviously long as compared to other stores. That intrigued me so I joined the line. Let's try their bacon cheese steak.


In spite of the long queue, my order was served fairly fast. What made me wait longer was that they have to find smaller bills for my change.

"Sorry, my smaller bills are not enough and I am not using credit card in a foreign land for US$6.99 bill." I thought.

When I finally got the chance to sit, I can not wait for my meal. When I split the burger, I thought I saw slice of eggplant and I laughed on my own. It's cucumber! I wondered ig it was fresh and just got half-cooked by the burger when it was heated.

And look! The cheese is mouth-watering!

The bacon was so crispy that I loved feeling the bits in my mouth. The veggies were good to. I just wished there were more. But overall, it was a good hearty lunch.

After meals, I would invite my date that we continue shopping. No worries, I am not the "buy me this and buy me that" lady.


Restaurant Information

Charleys Philly Steaks
32100 S Las Vegas Blvd, Primm, NV 89019, USA

Blind date at Fashion Outlet
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What? It's cucumber? Looks like banana to me 😁 aahh my eyes, I must be hungry😊 having burger on a blind date..hmm.. I never tried it

Banana in a burger? Maybe you give that a try and let us know how it goes. 😁

I agree with you. A blind date is a blind date. Let's save the most romantic ambiance and food when we are all set. It would be for individuals who already tied the knot. ^^

Hehehe... you got it! 😁

Well they look like pretty fashionable steaks certainly different and look delicious 😊

The bacon with cheese is the best! 😊

Just my favorite yummy :))

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