My Weekly Dinner with Friend

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**Hey, Tasteemian as everone know the world is suffering from Corona May God saved us from that disease.
Last week me and my friend go to the Hotel for his treat because he buying a new laptop from the Saddar karachi.

As everyone know the Saddar Regal Market is one of the biggest market in karachi for purchasing and repairing laptop in all over Pakistan so my friend want to buy new laptop he also called me to help him to purchase a new Laptop so I recommend him a Dell latiitude 6530 series.


He is also my university friend and he is doing BBA from the Same " IQRA UNIVERSITY KARACHI PAKISTAN "
Here is the laptop :


The Total Bill is about 896.PKR which include :

1/2 KG White Karrahi
8 Special NAAN
2 Soft Drinks
1 Plate Salad

We ordered the WHITE KARRAHI which include Cheesse and some bread and the Cold Drinks.

The resturant is good the waiter took the order at 8:30 P.M and gave our Order about 8:55 P.M. so it means it took 25 minutes to make our order.

The resturant Owner is a very kind man he take the feedback from every Customer of his resturant.

The resturant is clean and the staff is well behaved and they also available for Home Delivery .

Address and Contact Number:
Address: Plot 16-1 sector 10 Near Vita Chowrangi Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi
Phone: +92 340 4930511

Restaurant Information

V.I.P Resturant
Sector 16 Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan

My Weekly Dinner with Friend
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