Homely Food in Homely Ambiance

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It has always been so tough for me to find north Indian food in south India, however, this restaurant has all the needful recipes that can be loved by all the Indians and also by the foreigners.


Above is the photograph of the restaurant exterior as seen from the road.

Food Served in the Restaurant

Yummy Gobi Paratha with Yogurt and Pickle

I have tasted many food dishes from this restaurant and almost all of them filled my stomach. Moreover, it has delicious flavor, hot ready-to-eat recipes and beautiful homely ambiance too.

Flavoured Coffee that is hot and makes you feel fresh after first sip!

Delicious Aloo (Potato) Paratha that tasted really well along with yogurt and pickle. Also, I enjoyed capturing the photos because they were served so well.

I was thrilled when I was served with Jeera Rice and Dal Fry (as seen in the small bucket). The rice was made up of the Basmati Rice and it was aromatic too. I remember eating too much that day and was not able to control myself after my stomach was full.

Can You Guess? It is Masala Papad!

Why should I miss the dessert? I was served with Gajar Ka Halwa (Carrot Sweet).

I visited this resturant 3-4 times for lunch and dinner and the most impressive was that the resturant is renovated in an old architectural house. Let's take a look at the interior then!

The Beautiful Interior of the Restaurant

See the roof of the resturant and you will come to know that it is an old house, traditional south Indian one, which is known for its airy environment. The house remains cool due to ventilation and there is ample amount of natural light too. I asked the owner and he said that he renovated his old house into a 'homely restaurant where we can feel homely and eat homely food'.

Look at the beautiful garden! I was amazed to see the art of garden in this restaurant. Indeed, food and nature goes hand in hand.

What More About the Interior?

Just take a look at it!




The restaurant looks more beautiful at the evening time with candle light.

More About the Ambiance on Weekends!

I found this beautifully arranged flowers in the center of the garden of the restaurant this Sunday.

Weekends are special here with special menu because this restaurant is located in the tourist destination in South India. Weekends are filled with tourists from various places and they visit this restaurant for good food and ambiance. I can sit in this restaurant patiently for few hours doing nothing, waiting for the food. Though the food is served quickly during the other days, weekends, can need patience.

What About the Menus?

This is the weekend special menu!

Other Menus

Menu in general includes North Indian and South Indian dishes with some special dishes too. Let's take a look at the menus.


This is South Indian Cusine

North Indian and Chinese Cuisine

Again the Weekend Special!

The Taste and Quality of Food

I wondered who is the chef! I asked and found that he was from North India. Also, the recipes are served fresh and that too in a less waiting time. In the meantime, most of the hungry customers engage themselves in the photoshoot and selfies in the restaurant.

It is vegetarian restaurant and hence only veg food is served here. It also includes delicious south and north meals of the taste that we look for. The cuisine has original taste, even the Chinese food. I often saw people ordering for the Kung Fu Panda soup. Hence, the customers all over India and the world find this place as one of the best place to eat and relax.

The Overall Feel of The Restaurant

If this is how we are served and in such a beautiful homely ambiance, then no wonder that I would love to stay there for a longer time and eat more food. I remember that I have eaten double of what I generally eat. It is simply delicious, homely food in homely ambiance. Mom, I really miss you here!

It is the best place to have delicious tasty food with your family, friends and beloved ones!

So, Can't Wait! Whats the Name of the Restaurant?

I took permission from the owner of the restaurant to write this review and also for capturing and publishing of the photographs. To my surprise, the owner is only 25 years old with great ideas!

I should not forget to show you the treasure box for paying the bill.

The bill is kept in this treasure box. I can keep the money in it and then the waiter takes it away!

Your bill is paid!

Restaurant Review and Photographs @puregrace

Restaurant Information

Mysore Foodz- Little Corridor
MG Rd, Joythinagar, Chickmagaluru, Karnataka 577101, India

Homely Food in Homely Ambiance
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