Grilled chicken and Naan || My takeaway meal.

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Grilled and naan bread is our local favorite food here in Bangladesh. It's possible to find several restaurants in a local area who serves these two items. I mean this is one of the popular snacks. And the food is very cheap compared to other items. So, why not making your tummy feel good with grilled chicken and naan?


I bought this from a nearby place. The restaurant is not large and luxury. But they have different food options like snacks, rice, curry, tea ie.


The chicken was a bit spicy than the regular one. I love spice but people who can't take much spicy food may not gonna like it. But the taste was good. The chicken was well cooked and tender inside.


Also, they put some cucumber salad with mayonnaise and sauce which was really complementing the spicy flavor.

The best thing about the place is, they have their grill machine in front of the place. So, you can choose what piece you want to have. Also, you can get your food fresh and warm.


This is inside the restaurant. Not very large or well decorated but it's well managed.

My rating on the place:

Food: 4.5/5
Price: 5/5
Environment: 4/5
Service: 4.5/5
Hygiene: 4.5/5


# Much Love

Restaurant Information

Luncheon Food & Restaurant
2/1, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

Grilled chicken and Naan || My takeaway meal.
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Thanks a lot for valuable information.


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Grilled chicken with Nan is my favourite.It tasted so good.

Mine too. Thanks 😊

Yummy and delicious

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Ya. Its very common take away food. We normally want to have the taste of this food at home with family members together. Nice guide.

You are welcome

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