Stonyhurst, St Marys Hall - A Tasteem Review

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It’s not often that you get to feast in a 16th century college that now acts as a boarding school for the sons and daughters of predominately rich parents.


I have been reliably informed that most of the students at Stonyhurst College are from Europe or the Far East.


We went along to browse around an Antiques fair and ended up buying nothing other than lunch! (and we didnt pay £5 to get in either).

Stonyhurst and the surrounding area was the breeding ground for the famous J.R.R Tolkien’s, ‘Lord of the Rings’.

I suppose I’m fortunate living close to where he once lived and what inspired the famous trilogy.

I was more interested in the architecture of the buildings than of the overpriced nostalgic pieces of ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ that was on offer from middle class suited old salesmen.


Some photographs just must be taken.

St Mary’s Hall was where we found the small café that does not usually exist. I know this as I quizzed the serving staff.


The only time you can visit this ‘Cheap and Fabulous’ café is when there is an event held; otherwise it’s off limits to anyone but the students.

Fortunately, this is quite frequent, so other perspective ‘foodies’ can try again at a later date.


We sat amongst stained glass windows, huge paintings of people from the past and proud deer complete with antlers with a dose of taxidermy affixed to the walls.


You might think this is a fine dining review considering the surroundings. In fact, it was more like school dinners. You need to remember this is a school and that’s what they serve.



The menu was not extensive and consisted of Meat and Potato Pie, Peas and Gravy, Cheese and Onion Pie with Baked Beans or Soup of the day?

There were several other potential Antique buyers tucking into what looked like the Meat and Potato pie.

The trouble was all that green mushy stuff was all over it, yeuch!

My memories of the Cheese and Onion Pie from my schooldays are fond ones so it was that I ordered and @bingbabe following suit.


What we got was looked basic but tasted great. The Cheese and Onion pie was the gooey type that I remember only too well.

I’m sure it’s extremely bad for you, but the best and tastiest things usually are.


I felt Pie and Beans was a little strange in its combination, but it went down very well along with some cans of Tango.


We still felt a little hungry after the pie and so opted for a slice of Blackcurrant Pie and Cream at £2.25.

After sharing this lovely but very unhealthy dessert we were rather full.


Total price for everything was just over £22. Not bad if its good, and it was!


You can find café’s in the most unlikely places sometimes. The menus had been created for this event only and the next ones may be different.


This is what is unique about the St Marys Hall café. It comes and then it goes. You need to get the food while it lasts.

Restaurant Information

Stonyhurst, St Marys Hall
Clitheroe BB7 9PU, UK

Stonyhurst, St Marys Hall - A Tasteem Review
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The menu presentation looks not special, but it doesn't matter if it tastes good.

The place looks classic.

Nice review as always.

Thanks @anggreklestari, I have a bit of a thing for Cheese and Onion pie.. its a very British thing ;)

It's great that you got to experience this! I have to admit, I was a little surprised to see such plain and simple dining furniture and an even simpler menu at such an elaborate place, but I suppose it makes sense given that it's a school.

Thanks for taking the time to share these photos and narrative about your visit. I enjoyed this blog!

Thanks Ethan, I hardly see you these days.. good to see you a little active again.

Wow, that is a pretty impressive place! I can't imagine what it would be like to attend school there. Just to walk through those old halls and think about who might have been there before me is really cool. I would have went for the cheese and onion pie too. That is what I focused on when I was looking at the menu. It does look pretty rich. Either that or the cheese and onion sandwich. That is quite the selection of desserts that they have there. My favorite pie is blueberry so that one you got looks like a suitable substitute! Nice review!

No blueberry on the menu.., the place dates back to 1591 or something. There were wooden engravings etched with peoples names going back to the 1800's.., you could feel the history in the place. The food was a little more recent though... :)

Thank goodness! Man, 1591! We'd only been around for about a 100 years then. I mean since Columbus discovered us in 1492 and all. :) Let's see how many comments I get correcting me now!

So, is this what the kids at the school usually eat? (I wonder.)

Yes, £30,000 a term and they get good ol' Cheese pie.. the same as what I got at my state school. You weren't expecting Caviar every meal surely?

No, I was wondering if they put out a different / better menu for the cafe customers -- or if this was what the students were served. If it's as good as you say, it might be such a bad deal going there. At those tuition prices they better feed the little buggers well.

Hmm I really dont know. Its the first time I have been here, but the serving peeps looked like dinner ladies. It's not regarded as an eatery usually so despire the grand setting, it was in fact.. school dinners.

Love the architecture and the way the restaurant looks! I have no doubt the food is at least delicious!

Well it's different! The presentation looks like it was doled out in dollops with ladles. Very Oliver Twist!

awwwaaa, only this time but not next .Love those classic style!!!

A great setting and fair prices!! Very cool.

So many interesting places to visit!


"I’m sure it’s extremely bad for you, but the best and tastiest things usually are."

There is.., lots of history around these parts.

My quote..., it probably wont make the nobel prize for fabulous diction... but who knows? :)

Yes who knows!

Two lots of pie in one meal? That's serious carbohydrates!
Do you remember when the descriptive text under a menu item consisted of exotic overselling of ingredients ("baked beans handwashed in the Mersey and coated in a tomato sauce of the best 57 varieties") rather than a list of allergens? Oh, the 1990s, how I miss them.

I cant remember that Shani.. I must be too young to remember :) I did drive past the beans factory last weekend.. you can see a large '57' in red if you look going north on the M6.

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What a fantastic review! Photos were attractive and your review was spot on. Kudos. Thanks for sharing.

Wow that boarding school is really big..looks like a castle.

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