24 Wall Street

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hii all guys hope you all are in sound health and safe well today i came up again with a review of a restaurant 24 wall street which is famous for its 🍕 pizza.


what is the best thing of this pizza is that the size of this pizza is 21 inch and the taste of this pizza is delicious and full of cheese and the price of this pizza is very affordable. this pizza is cost about 20$.
here is the menu of that restaurant
the prices written on it is in
i took this menu picture from their website page as i forgot to take that on that time
taste 10/10
this is one of the best pizza i have ever had the doe of that pizza , the spices and specially that white sauce of maynoise on it is delicious.
Ambience 8/10
cost 9/10
the cost is affordable as well as it is enough for atleast fout peoples
in the end do follow me and give your support to me thanks.

Restaurant Information

24 wall street
Block N Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

24 Wall Street
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