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hi all people hope you all are in sound health and safe well this post is about the beer and alcholic drinks to participate competition of wanna get a beer so here is my participation.
last month i was in tianjin china so had some experiences there so i would like to share with guys the review.
In tianjin one of the most expensive bottle of whisky blended with beer is selling by company chivas regal
which is almost 12-20 years old is price is almost 100$.

in tianjin clubs foriegners didnt get plain beer if you want to drink beer then you will get beer with whisky or blended scoth whisky which had beer materials in it.
i personaly like the scotland blended whiskey which is less expensive too its price is about 80$

do follow me guys and support me to win because i try hard to give reviews and get to know
#1 chivas regal
its very hard and very effective normal person can feel drunk after two shots of it. they also give orange juice with this to mix it and drink.
#2 Ballantines
its soft then chivas regal but they provide beer or ice tea with it so you can dont get drunk too much .in china people usually drink beers by buying from retail shops like seven eleven but if you went to club then you cant buy beer only.
thanks again. Good luck may the best win the competition

Restaurant Information

mr Q club
Binshui W Rd, Nankai Qu, Tianjin Shi, China, 300381

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