Cab pizza

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hi all beautiful people today i want to discuss about the newly open pizza cafe near my university town. at first when i reach there it was close but after 5 minutes of wait ii had open. i went there because alot of people discussing about the four flavour single pizza 🍕 ..#seriously 4 flavours

so i start with their name and decoration so the name is CAB PIZZA 🍕
and its not a very big setup only 4-5 people cab sit and you can take away from this. so the theme of this cafe is based on cab so here is the decorations.

now i will show you the menu there are almost 13 flavours from which you can make a pizza by choosing any four flavour at a time

now i have choose a large pizza of 18 inch and flavours i have choosed is
now i want to show you guys the pizza itself

we are three friends and we barely complete it.
taste of three flavours are bang on it was yum only super supreme i didnt like its taste as compare to other 3 so.
#Ambience :9/10
#cost: 9/10
cost of this pizza is about 15$
in the end it was a great experience and the Owner of this cab pizza is very polite and talked with us and took feedback what we think can be more he could do to make it best.


do have a visit at this place and try this pizza.

Restaurant Information

Cab Pizza
Block C Pia Housing Scheme, Lahore, Punjab 54770, Pakistan

Cab pizza
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