Mikoto-Sushi in Berlin

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Source: http://www.sushi-mikoto.de/mikoto-pappelallee-22.html

Today I was again in my favorite Sushi restaurant in Berlin. So why Mikotos Sushi is my favorite?

The prizes are for an Berlin sushi restaurant very acceptable. So you get for 7€ a full menu with a soup and different kinds of Maki and Nigiri.

I took Menu 3

Source: http://www.sushi-mikoto.de/mikoto-pappelallee-22.html

And I got 1 Miso Soup, 6 Sake Maki, 1 Sake Nigiri and 6 California Maki.

The sushi is fresh and you can see how the master makes the sushi behind a glass.

The only bad thing is that you often have a long time to wait, when you visit them without a call.


Where you can visit them?
Find them in Pappelallee 22 | 10437 Berlin

mikoto aussen.PNG

Restaurant Information

Pappelallee 22, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Mikoto-Sushi in Berlin
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thx for the info

did you know if i can post in german at tasteem?


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