Tasteem Global is Officially Launched!

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Tasteem is a curating platform for the best restaurants you’ve experienced, through our weekly Contests with new themes. We set Contest themes, such as ‘A place to visit on a Wedding Anniversary’, ‘A great night out for a drink’, and Tasteemers enter our Contest by writing their own guide to places that match our themes. Contestants with the most upvotes will be in the top ranks of each Contest. The most popular review will win the Contest and the biggest prize.

스크린샷 2018-06-19 오후 6.14.44.png

We really look forward to all the great guides from our Contests.

But we want to pose a question here. Why should you write for Tasteem rather than the other numerous restaurant review services on platforms including Facebook or Yelp?
It’s because Tasteem is a new platform for restaurant reviews that differs from any other. Here’s what we envision for Tasteem’s future.

  1. Credible Reviews
    At Tasteem, you can see the whole of a poster’s guide to restaurants, as well as his/her history of votes and stars. An abuser of the system will be instantly exposed. While other restaurant platforms suffer from fake reviews and manipulated stars, Tasteem guides are transparent.

  2. Rewards offered
    At Tasteem, we reward users who write their guides, and promise large rewards for the most popular ones. This motivates Tasteemers to write good posts, which in turn will draw more readers. More users will contribute to the value of Steem, and this means a larger reward for the same posts. Tasteem creates a virtuous cycle through its reward system.

  3. The users’ curation
    While other restaurant guide platforms have selected everything from themes to listings, Tasteem suggests themes, leaving the users to write their guides. Tasteemers get to curate the best restaurant reviews. Through a new feature to be added in the future, they will be able to suggest Contest themes.

Would you like to enter a Tasteem Contest now?

How to Enter a Contest

Go to https://tasteem.io/

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Choose a Contest theme, then log in through steemconnect.

스팀커넥트를 이용-1.png

Let's say you want to enter the Contest for the < Cheap and Fabulous > category.

스크린샷 2018-06-19 오후 6.14.44.png

Click 'view' to see the description and current rankings of reviews/guides for that Contest. If you’re unsure how to write your Tasteem post, check out some of the top reviews in the ongoing Contest. It’s also a good idea to write just as you would on Steemit; no need to be extra tense!

스크린샷 2018-06-19 오후 6.22.14.png

Now here’s what shows up when you click ‘Post’. After you follow through the steps, you’ll have become an expert Tasteemer!

Guide en.png

  • Upvotes by bots are excluded from the total score.
  • English is the main language to be used, but other languages may also be used in conjunction with English.

For any more questions you might have, check What’s Tasteem!

Now it’s really time to enter a Tasteem Contest.
We hope you’ll win!



Love food, enjoy our life. Good activity.

This is an exciting project! I hope it catches on, and I will remember to use this the next time I'm eating out :)

Hey dear @Tasteem , first I want to say that I like the idea 👍 :-) ... Perpaps also because I love to eat outside in restaurants. ✌️ And to getting some day payed for it, is awesome.

And then I want to ask you, if I’m posting on tasteem will there be also a post generated automatically on steemit? Even in the same tags?

Hi, @avizor. Yes, it'll be just like posting on Steemit when you post on Tasteem. 5 tags max.

Oh no that was not my question, I want to know if a post on tasteem is „published“ postet automatically on steemit? ✌️

By my last answer

it'll be just like posting on Steemit when you post on Tasteem

I had meant that yes, to post on Tasteem is to post on Steemit, i.e. the post does go automatically on Steemit. Hope this is clearer.

ah perfect :-) That sounds good. I Think i will give Tasteem a try in the next days then. Thanks for fast answer .

Hey dear @jamieinthedark, another short question. The ongoing „tabs/cards“ on the website, are these contests? It’s written in the FAQ that you make some contest.

It’s not written on the main site that these are- that’s why I ask :-)

Sorry for asking so much, but it looks really like a good project, I done today my first post about tasteem. And I like to do more :-)

Ps: if that are contests, how much entry’s are allowed per user? Could i do more than 1 in one „category?“

Greetings ✌️

Hi, @avisor. Glad you caught me just before logging out.

Yes, the tabs/cards are there to tell you the themes of the ongoing contests(and ended ones).

As for the number of entries allowed, I actually asked @tasteem the same question! They told me that you can post as many times as you want, in one contest or more, except that the upvotes they promise to all the participants will be limited to 12 times a day. So you can post 12 times a day and get upvoted every time for participation. (Of course, the posts would have to be of decent quality, as to avoid being blacklisted or something!)

Hope this helps!

Yeees :-) this helps !

Thank you very much for answering 👍

And yes - anyone who is participating here, should have in his own ambition to make good and awesome entry’s ✌️:-)

I love your post friend I hope you have more to offer, because I always learn from your publications to continue growing on this platform ... From #venezuela I follow you and support you ... Congratulations friend @tasteem

I don't wanna sound like a hater, but the site does look like you just bought a theme for $32 and uploaded 3 pictures. Maybe a little bit of designing wouldn't hurt it?

I like the idea, but maybe specify it by countries or at least continents, even the reviewer prize pool contests, since I wouldn't wanna waste my time going over the reviews for a Chineese restaurant in Iceland, while I wanna eat in Sydney or I wouldn't wanna a read a review from a Romanian guy, who has never been to California, and he's rating the restaurant in Malibu, because he's after the $$.

But projects like this seem exciting to me. Looking forward to see where it will go. Good luck!

Some really valid points there. I guess there would need to be a lot of reviews to be relevant for people in different regions. That would take time.

But then, some people travel a lot, and eat at good restaurants in different countries. Others just like to read about different food and see photos (though a lot of people just want information relevant to their everyday lives.). So I think you could write about your local restaurants and still appeal to folk who might live on another continent.

Also, you can choose not to upvote a fake-sounding review!

True, I travel a lot too, but still how would you know I was really there? Maybe a good thing they should add to save all of this from fake reviews is to do a selfie in front of the place or just to take picture of the receipt of the place, then you'll know it's legit and people are talking from experience.

Some good questions, my friend.
Did you check @letseat?

Can You imagine if all that TripAdvisor addicted people found out about this. It would be madness :)

That would be amazing for the Steem blockchain! :)

We will never know

It seems exciting with amazing contests. Do you have discord server @tasteem?

Thanks for the pictures, humility and creativity
Well done .. wonderful work..

this is the economy of the future!

This is an amazing project. i love foods.

Is there a point if im in a country like Bulgaria?

great idea I can say easily.hi @tasteem! I love foods of the various restaurant. In weekend I like to take food from outside the home.for this restaurant is the best. I like your new concept and idea.

This is a great project, this project will provide opportunities for many participants, hope it will be successful.

Congrats to the Tasteem team! You`ve done a great job until now and wish you all the best for your global launch.

good fortunes with this new task, I trust you get just achievement, in the prompt future.

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Thank you! I'll start using this beautiful site soon :) Do you have a Discord channel?

I don't think Tasteem has a Discord channel as yet, but they're sure to be looking forward to your first post!

This is a great contest. Hoping to feature in this!

welcome to steemit I think it will be fun to interect with you.....have a great day. Follow me and increase moneyguruu community

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How is it ?? Does it look tasty made by me

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go to restaurant is very good idea, but twice a month.

Excelente publicación, @tasteem.

muy bueno para compartir

thanks for the information

A new steem platform

good luck with this new project, I hope you receive only success, in the immediate future.

good contest!!

Hey @bluesapphire06! I think this contest is for us! Haha. Let's familiarize this and start Tasteeming soon!

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Great project!

Cool looking platform! I expect to get many useful restaurant tips and recommendations there!

Oooh interesting project! Would love to join in the contest but too focused on trading and video games atm, but would lurk around the site because good food is life!

Finally!! This is such an awesome news for Steem blockchain :)

Thx, @project7. really appreciate your kindness.

Fantastic activity we have to love food and much more life greetings excellent

Hello @tasteem, I have read and feel very excited about your contests. I am a member of the Vietnamese community, I want to write an introduction about your contests for our community. I would like to ask your opinion and I would also like to ask you some questions? You want me to ask you here? If not, can we talk on the discord?

talk to the restaurant while trying the food.
we tell it using #tasteem .., great idea i like that

This is such an interesting concept. I already have a bunch of avid travellers and food critics who'd be very interested in this kind of platform. It's amazing to see how the Steem Blockchain is evolving everyday. People sprouting new yet surprisingly awsome concepts like yours @tasteem & my recent new found love @steemhunt.

I will definitely be looking forward to see how you guys move on from here. Also very keen to see how well it will be received. If everyone is as stunned by your work as I am then you most likely will be the new Sensation in town, of course next to @steemhunt :)

Great Job Team!

테이스팀 홧팅! ㅎ

This is brilliant!

i don't using bot. why delete post

Ya...great ...thanks

Looking forward to experience tasteem!

Awesome! I've always been going to restaurants and saying stuff about it - might aswell get something more out of it! Looking forward to use it :)

Also, if you guys are looking for someone to help out with the design part - I am a UX/UI designer and willing to lend a hand or two ;)

Hi @tasteem! Amazing activity platform. I'm looking forward into this activity. I followed you and upvote show support from your blog, let's increase the power of Steemit together! I hope you follow me. I'm always glad to have a new community with good people! ;) Cheers!

Hey dear @tasteem ! I really like this project and the cool idea behind this.

Now after 2 contest are over I checked some participants and post. For future improvements in this system, there should really a filter or something similar - pre posting.

So much Posts with just 1 picture (of food) ... and only 2 sentence under that, can’t help no one... this could be shot everywhere ... Looks for me like Some try to „grab“ only the upvote. Which is pretty good at the moment.

And it’s getting even worser... some of them are not even willing to change the content (they use same phrases - sentence) in their diffenert posts.

Just my 2 Cents ;-)

I love this idea and we do it from anywhere in the world?

Oh I will join. :D

Its really great developer ... !! Thanks for @tasteem.

est ce que vous acceptez les contributions en Français? Très bon projet

sorry... we have not plan of francais