Traditional Food "Bu Leukat Asoe Kaya" Banda Aceh

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Hi stemian...

Banda Aceh special destiny for your travel. You Will find amazing view of sunset at beach, amazing traditional dance culture, and traditional culiner.

So in this afternoon, we take a rest Will from our rutinity at coffee shop. And i found this cake, we called "Bu Leukat Asoe kaya". This traditional cake from Aceh.

This cake is to many delicious when we eat with the coffe.

Bu leukat asoe kaya in Aceh besar district, they called Raja Meusisek. This cake so sweet and that why his partner is sugarless coffee.

To many name for one culiner. We have many traditional culiner here. On the past years, we are a large kingdoom, Aceh Darussalam, who conquer and dominate Asian. There is why, we are have many culiner, culture and the history.

This photo taken with my phone
Hope you enjoy and have great day stemian...


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