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This is the GUI or Graphic User Interface for a Stock and Options brokerage called Tastyworks. The creators were the same as those who developed Think or Swim, a legendary Options Trading Platform purchased by TD Ameritrade and one of TD Ameritrades flagship platforms.

This graphic user interface is designed to make it easy to use the mathematical aspects of traditional on an X-Y axis with visual representations of Standard Deviations, percentile, numerical representations of % chance of the stock closing at that price and more importantly the converse or chance it won’t close at that price. This GUI gives you information on the liquidity of the strikes your selecting, as well as bid, ask and spread. Visual representations of the underlying chart can also be called up with lines indicating support and resistance.
Additionally, news like pending earns announcements and important dates living dividend payment can also be checked before sending trades.

I think the greatest value is the clear visual representation of the traders checklist, that mental list a trader goes through for each trade, along with a calculator which does much of the math. Options trading has so much math, although mostly simple division, multiplication and percent calculations, it’s conscientious to have most of it done.

The interface also has a trade tracking function with numeric and graphic illustrations of your trades and whether your trade is going well or not with bright colored bars of red and green. You should spend sometime learning this section and refer to it often, as it will save your trades.

The interface allows you to place a four transaction trade with a single click of a mouse, which is amazing and when you roll a position the interface closes your old position, opens your new position and refreshes the trade monitor with a single mouse click also.

The platform allows you to close option positions at no cost, which is a great perk.

It’s a very easy to use interface and tutorials are available.

I rate it a 4.5/5.0 because it doesn’t allow arbitrage trades like other platforms. Other then that it’s amazing and well worth the look.

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Example Trade

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I heard it's pretty cool for option traders...much better than TOS, but haven't had a chance yet to check it out.

It is indeed. Cool graphics and new tools.

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