Beginners Guide to getting a tattoo. ( from a beginner to fellow ink aspirants)

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Yet another post from my Blogspot archives.

Slowly yet steadily I will be transferring old blog posts from there, and putting them up here, then scrap the blog since this is a better domain for it to exist and is more likely to be shared here.


After months of research, Brooding, Plagiarising, Editing, Making art, demanding suggestions, I went with an impulse decision and FINALLY got inked.

The tattoo itself is a Greek epigram from Martial. Link- Martial Epigrams

Inspired from the famous anime and manga Tokyo ghoul's Character Uta.

Meanings apart, ( Will explain in another post) 

How Mentally prepared was I ?

Wasn't sure myself, but I was scared af, but the determination outweighed the fear.
Surely a bit of reading and google will have you cringing because most people say it is PAINFUL. Honestly, my tat was surprisingly pleasant, As i sat down and saw my artist pull out a new needle, set up the gun and get ready, I had chills down my spine (could also be the icy leather against my bare back, one cant tell.)

But as he started off, it was somewhat a sensation lingering between playful tickling (yes! the foreplay kind, pervs!) and mosquito pricks, not as excruciatingly painful as most people describe it. And this was mostly because they aligned the stencil below my collar bone and tried to keep it more over the flesh and less bone contact, good move by the other artist who suggested to realign it.

Then comes the bone.

This is where things get a bit stingy and more ticklish, if you've ever been to the dentist and have them work their magical buzz saw like tool on you, this is the exact same sensation, just less cringe because no direct contact with the bones. 

Then again, end of the day it all comes down to your level of pain tolerance, if you are a squealer, I suggest going for a really small tattoo, to get yourself mentally ready before the huge leap. (Don't get hasty! Not everyone can be me :P Think of it like that exquisite delicacy that cant be rushed into perfection, or that person you feel is way out of your league but you've somehow managed to woo them in, you don't want to burn that dinner or burn a scaring memory of you into their brain too early! Take it easy unless, You really are gonna die tomorrow.)

Here is a little image of my ink right after they finished it.


After care is easy, just read up a bit, listen to the artist, do as they suggest. If you find any reactions consult the artist once, extreme cases, dermatologists, if something isn't healing right the artist will know and can guide you better.

DO NOT GO BY ANYTHING ANYONE ELSE SUGGESTS, not even that hot chick/dude in the block with a gazillion tattoos.

Normal healing process will be scabbing, which leads to flaking off and then the post flake healing of your skin. Think of that wound from your first bicycle crash. Its the same thing, just a cooler version, leaving a sexy scar behind.

Please don't itch, go placebo on your self if you do need to very badly, but for the love of your new born ink. DO NOT SCRATCH IT. 

Ink once damaged cant be rescued even by the best artist.

Daimonds may not be forever. But a bad tattoo Sure as hell is.

 Stamped Tramp much?

Definitely don't compromise on the budget, save up, get it from a less sketchy place if you do love your skin and want it to last as long as your scrawny ass dose walk this earth.

Heres another picture after 3 ish weeks.


fully healed at 5 weeks, plus a constipated face.(ignore that)


Its been 5 and a half weeks now and I've noticed tiny pimple like rashes around the tat, not on it, read up on it a bit, says its normal, and its fine as long as it doesn't start itching or get inflamed.

Bonus update of how it looks now since its been an year and half since that tattoo, I have also had two more after that, shall be posting about those later. 

That's it for this post, stick around for the next few, they shall all be about tattooing and tattoos for a while, 

Until then mates, stay smart, get inked, and get your spellings right "no Ragrets"

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