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RE: How To Recover Ponzi Scheme Losses (BCC, USI) From The IRS Legally

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It's been very tough to recover u r losses from those two ponzi schemes which were very popular in 2017.
Many people ruined their money with those two scam sites
One is USI Tech & the other is Bitconnect.
Those two sites were banned in USA
USI Tech was a kind of mining program where it was paid 1% on daily basis
whereas Bitconnect was a mlm crypocurrency of ICO in which it's highest value was $450+.
So inorder to recover u r losses from those 2 programs
There are few good mining Investment Programs where u can earn money without Mining at home
It's paying weekly basis with almost 6%
and 1 year Contracts
Investment Plans between $100-$5000 & $5001-$10000.
For more details u can inbox me
@Suresh Bhuvan in steemit or in fb