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gifphy + my words on image

TDIF - Thank Dog its Friday!

Join the fun.
Bring on the weekend.

If you want to join the fun please put a photo, meme, or gif of a dog in comments.
Or create your own post and mention @rebeccabe and @foxyspirit.

Thank you so much for making Steemit FUN!

Stay strong and Steem on!

@steemitbloggers now #thepowerhousecreatives



What a dogtastic way to spend Friday! @beautifulbullies would be interested in this contest as well I'm sure! Spread the love @rebeccabe bot!

Have a great weekend 🙂

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WOOHOO! We got it going on! I'm gonna try to get Moe or Piper (never both together as they fight) to pose and do a mini photo shoot with them for today when I get back from town. Thanks for putting out the first one! You are on the ball!

Yep it can evolve from here. NO rules.. all can play however they want. All I can say is Thank Dog it is


Thanks for the tip! That's something I should look into, a few people are using it quite a bit.

I know my voting is so small a way to make it count. :) I smile every time I look at this post. lol

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Great post .. do it again next week.. I am going to advise everyone to put the hashtag #tdif next weeks..

mollie.jpg This is Molly, best dog ever...

Molly is beautiful @wales. We had a dog named Jerry .. aussie ..we miss him.

max will be added today :P

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