A Tea Stall

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downloadfile-6.jpg A tea stall is a small shop. It is found in cities, towns, Bazars , railway stations, bus stant and even in village . In a tea stall there are a few chairs, tables or benches prepared tea is sold here. Biscuits cakes, loaves, bananas. cigarettes and betel leaf are also sold here. There is often a boy to serve tea to the customers. Sometimes the owner himself serve tea other things. A tea stall is a popular place. people of different ages and classes come here. They take tea and talk with one another. They also talk on village politics, national and international politics and on current affairs. It is called a Mini sangsad ' . A tea stall is a part of both village and urban life.


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Every body like tea and tea stall is very essential any kind of person in their local areas.

yes right. Tea shops are an important one store for each area, small tea shops in a small parliament.

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my hobby is a tea stall eat the seat tea. i like tea. your post is nice and everyday look

If it is okay, then eat tea in the rules so that there is no harm to the body