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RE: NIH Whistleblower Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes Dr. Fauci In Medical Corruption Bombshell Interview

Wow this is interesting.
Have you done any research on Dr. Judy Mikovits yourself?

I find so difficult to know for sure who is more credible I know i can be a sucker for confirmation bias and I already have serious doubts about the deadly nature of the covid 19 virus


I have looked into her a little bit, everything she said in her is true working with him back in 1985 and going to jail over the research papers, I guess in the end it is her word against theirs if she is being honest about her findings or not? She has been labled a wako by the msm ever since, but that's what they do to Whistleblowers, put their name through the mud...

Here is one link about her being charged back in 2012