NIH Whistleblower Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes Dr. Fauci In Medical Corruption Bombshell Interview

The Guys at Trunews have been busy deep diving into DR. Fauci's shady past, and have been in contact with Dr. Judy Mikovits, a 40 year research scientist in the biomedical field who worked with Fauci back in 1985, what she has to say will blow you away, some of the most corrupt info to date about the medical industry and Dr. Fauci

Follow the link below to read an in-depth write up and watch the 16 minute interview by host Edward Szall, this info needs to be shared far and wide, Trunews has been banned from YouTube so they need alot of help to get this out there!

Or for full 2 hour epsidoe of Trunews today check out this link below, has full I terview in it plus other current news


Wow this is interesting.
Have you done any research on Dr. Judy Mikovits yourself?

I find so difficult to know for sure who is more credible I know i can be a sucker for confirmation bias and I already have serious doubts about the deadly nature of the covid 19 virus

I have looked into her a little bit, everything she said in her is true working with him back in 1985 and going to jail over the research papers, I guess in the end it is her word against theirs if she is being honest about her findings or not? She has been labled a wako by the msm ever since, but that's what they do to Whistleblowers, put their name through the mud...

Here is one link about her being charged back in 2012

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