Photos and member profiles from our Melbourne Meetup (25 Feb)

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Thanks to everyone who came along to the Melbourne Meetup. It was really great to see some familiar faces and meet some fantastic new people. We are really starting to grow a community.

This meetup we had @bogglemcgee, @tomekkk, @scottweston, @samueldouglas, @coachmelleow, @cycling-goldfish, @rtom1990, @bobaphet, @kevinli,, @bread-and-butter and @mslillypilly, as well as Scott's brother and @tomekkk's children.

I'm still keen to find a venue for the meetup where we can perhaps have presentations/speakers sometimes, but also be able to circulate a little bit more and talk to everyone. I didn't feel like I got a chance to talk to everyone this time.

Just before I hit post I saw @kevinli has posted a video from the meetup



teamau banner.png


What a great roll up. We’ve still got a ways to go to get that many people together up her in Queensland.

Wow the team is really growing! Australia seems to be one dedicated place for Steemit users! How many will it be in 1 year? Go for 100! That would surely put Australia on the map!

Shattered I missed out :/ I had some last minute stuff pop up unfortunately. I will definitely be at the next one! As for a venue, I might be able to work out one down in Ballarat if that were of interest?

There will be more. @scottweston is also in Ballarat so you might get some interest up there.

Yes I actually know scott :P we work from the same co working space hehe

Nice numbers there, guys :)
Once you start pulling a solid head count; it'll just get bigger. Top effort.

was good to meet you lot, thanks @datascience

Awesome! That's a great turn out once again. Great job @datascience and we haven't even got everyone in the same place yet. And @o07 mentioned he found a new Melbournian @sidsun looking to connect.

aaaaah :D way to go, everyone :D great bunch of people and awesome turn out! kudos to @datascience for organising such an awesome meet :>

Thanks for organising, was cool to meet people and talk about steem for a while. Cheers!

to write was beautiful.Good Luck!

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